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Request: Sweetie Belle's Gift


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Request: Sweetie Belle's Gift


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Request: Sweetie Belle's Gift


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Stories of The Elements: The Grand Ceremony Part 9

The Elements Saga

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Seekers of The Divine Light

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Family Time: Swords of Darkness Part 6

Swords of Darkness Saga

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Helping Friends: The 5 Clans II Part 1

The 5 Clans Saga

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Battle of The Eclipse: Prologue

Battle of the Eclipse: Prologue *One day, Alexis was walking back home to Sweet Apple Acres when she sees Minuette and Metayel sitting together at a diner. Seeing them reminded her of the day her father, Hyros Byodarr, died. So she decided to approach them and get some answers.* Alexis: Hello Metayel! Oh, and you too Colgate! Metayel: *Chuckles* Seriously, everypony’s gotta stop calling you that. Minuette: I don’t really mind. It’s just a little nickname. So, why are you here Alexis? Alexis: *Clears Throat* I think I’m ready to know what happened to my dad. Can ya tell me? *Minuette and Metayel were surprised that Al


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Ask Alexis #20-Fighter?

Ask Alexis

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Silhouette-Young Couple

Equestria Girls Human

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Presentation #2

Pointy Ponys

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Wait how did you-


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A Dark Soul Chapter 1: It's Not A Rumor Pg.1

A Dark Soul

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2018 Winter Fun

Holiday B-Day Event Contributions

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Short #2: Another Pair! Part 7


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S.S. #009: I Have My Eye On You


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Request: Sweetie Belle's Gift

Requests and Commissions

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Couple artwork 1

Other art and WIP

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