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*We find Alexis and Apple Bloom in the family kitchen at Sweet Apple Acres*
Apple Bloom: Oh c’mon, it’ll be fun.
Alexis: For the last time Apple Bloom, I’m not joining the crusaders. It’s just because of me being a queen that I still don’t have a cutie mark.
Apple Bloom: Is there any way to stop you from being queen of that…Selenium Empire?
Alexis: Apple Bloom. I don’t want to be queen either, but it’s a responsibility I have to take after my father died.
*A moment of silence as Alexis looks sad and is thinking about her father*
Alexis: I’m going to set up the Cider and Food carts now.
*Alexis leaves the room*

*A few hours later, we find Alexis and Applejack at the Cider Cart*
Applejack: Alright Sugarcube can you stay and watch for any more cider customers?
Alexis: Didn’t everypony get a drink?
Applejack: Well I’m pretty sure that Rainbow Dash will come back for more in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.
Alexis: I still wonder where mom gets all those sayings. All right mom I’ll guard it like a true apple.
Applejack: That’s mah girl.
*Applejack leaves as Alexis is at the Cider*
Alexis: Alright, come and get it Rainbow Dash.
*A few hours into sunset Alexis is getting sleepy at the Cider cart*
Alexis: Urr…Where the hay are you Rainbow Dash!!? But she…always comes…
*Alexis collapses from drowsiness*
Alexis: Back…

*She finds herself as a human in a pitch black place with little glowing white orbs surrounding her*
Alexis: Where-where am I? I was just at Sweet Apple Acres. Woah…Why am I human?
??? : Alexis, please calm down.
Alexis: Who’s there? Wait…dad? I thought you were dead.
Hyros: I am. Right now I just appear before you as a spirit. Now Alexis, as queen you must-
Alexis: Wait, but I don’t want to be queen! I just want to live a normal life with mom.
Hyros: Alexis, I understand why you don’t want to be royalty for there are a lot of things that a ruler must handle, but something is about to happen at Sweet Apple Acres. So you and the Apple Family must leave.
Alexis: But I don’t want to leave the Apple Family. I want to stay here at Sweet Apple Acres.
Hyros: Fine. If you’re gonna live there than at least turn Sweet Apple Acres into Royal Ground. That way Zara and the others can stop intruders from destroying the Farm.

*Hyros fades away and Alexis sees Rainbow Dash right in front of her*
Rainbow Dash: Are you OK?
Alexis: Aaah!!
Rainbow Dash: Sleeping on the job, huh?
Alexis: Sleeping? So it was just a dream? Wait a minute, where the hay were you!? I was waiting for hours just so you can get a second drink!!
Rainbow Dash: Well sorry for being so late!
*Later that night as The Apple Family is getting ready for bed*
Alexis: Mom, I have a quick question.
Applejack: What is it?
Alexis: Is there any reason why somepony would come and destroy the farm or even a part of it?
Applejack: Of course not. Why would ya think something like that?
Alexis: I just…wanted to know more about the farm. You’re right, nothing will happen.

*But later that night, they were proven wrong when a massive Fire broke out in the East Orchard*
Legendoffun Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Sounds interesting, I'll be reading the next part
trottyhoof Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2015
Ooo, intrigue. I just read the whole thing and their are no spelling errors (to knowledge,) and only a few places where commas should be or the word/punctuation doesn't convey the feelings you want.
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