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Foreshadow: Ugh,demons

By EmoshyVinyl
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Demons from Left to Right: Shadow Quill, Shiki, and Esuiluhn
Shadow Quill: Hey! Move it! I just wanna talk to Esuiluhn!
Shiki: And why should I do that!?
Esuiluhn: Shiki, just step aside.
Shiki: But-
Esuiluhn: Relax, I know her.
Shiki: But...how can you know someone like HER!? She almost tried to kill me earlier!
Shadow Quill: Yeah, and for now we're calling it a truce! Now move!
Shiki: Over my dead body!
Shadow Quill: Oh, so now ya want me to kill ya!?
*Shadow and Shiki continue arguing*
Esuiluhn: .....*Sigh*

Shadow Quill belongs to :iconemilz-the-half-demon:
Shiki belongs to :iconrevyrainbow141:
Esuiluhn belongs to me.

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seems a lot of people are getting into the green black and white trend =3
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Oh god, i-I hope you don't think I'm copying you! I genuinely had no clue your OC was the same! P-Please don't hate me >_<
jeremeymcdude's avatar
Nah I'm cool with it. It's just interesting to see oc's that are similar to mine =3 besides, if my Co was stolen and I saw it, my comment would not look like that so don't worry about it :3
RevyRainbow141's avatar
Oh phew, I was worried you would be all upset. Like I said, I didn't know anyone else would use such colours for an oc, I didn't think anyone would say I'm copying. I'm sort of not, Shiki doesn't have wings like your oc, I was just worried... ^^;
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basis of my OC is actually pretty odd for an MLP OC to say the least but... link
RevyRainbow141's avatar
That's a pretty cool basis for your OC! ^^
jeremeymcdude's avatar
Technically it was a basis for racing number colors that turned into the color pallet and basis for my oc and his cutie mark :3
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Well some people definitely do. ^^ Let's all hope they don't exactly like OCs such as yours though.
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Well I checked their page and it was a SU oc and I've only seen one other so it's not a big deal to me honestly
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Yeah! Another drawing >w< it's been so long
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Well....I did announce how I needed some inspiration.
And I got that inspiration. ^^
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Shiki: Looking at this now... Yea. I regret nothing :3 I can't wait to kick her bitchy little ass.
Emily: Takes one to know one, Shiki.
Shiki: Shut up!
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