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Spider Mastermind

Doom's Spider Mastermind
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Sees crush

Me: ok ok ok don't say anything stupid

My brain:
You guess the Arachnotrons had to come from somewhere. Hi, mom. She doesn't have a Plasma Gun, so thank heaven for small favours. Instead, she's got a Super Chaingun...
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Classic Doom is always fun.
griffindragon's avatar
dear id Software.... this is how you design monsters for doom.
CharChar6's avatar
Fan art done right!!! Love this!!!
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Though the Spiderdemon is formidable, it's a pretty underwhelming boss in contrast with the Cyberdemon.
cem26's avatar
THAT really brutell...
AspiePie's avatar
Had an idea of making a HD sprites for DooM source ports ever crossed your mind?
OMG it's so awsome you must make  a game with this art :D
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Oh, it could be a realistic and demonic version of Krang, the villain in “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”.
I love.
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my face when I get up

ironically, I saw this while listening to the doom OST: Dis

now he looks a "hell" of a lot more scary, but his original is still the most menacing.
I beat it just recently using the Brutal Doom Mod, even with the BFG it destroyed my ass many times before i could defeat it. Epic fight.
Anyway, amazing art.
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man I hated those guys.
Night-Soulless-Dust's avatar
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Woaaaah, such an awesome art!!
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Gosh that's good.
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He looks like Krang)
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Invaders from mars 1986.
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Oh, yes! Thank you for drawing DOOM monsters. I always want to see them so real and creepy as they deserve.
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Kinda reminds me of Metroid's Mother Brain.

Wish the game went into more detail about how the Spider Mastermind invaded the moons of Mars.
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Its so very cool and humbling that people recreate my creations from all those years ago...thanks! and nice work!!


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