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Pinky Demon

Pinky Demon from Doom/Doom2
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Great demonic look - like the coloring. Good job!
Talex0211's avatar
I type in Pinky and see all the cutesy got pink thing's, then there's this... This is what I expect to see when I type in Pinky
AceOfSpeed94's avatar
Doomguy with the bfg: Pinkchop sandwiches!!!
RenamonMega's avatar
I appreciate this design over the doom 4 design, no seriously the pinky demon in doom 4 looks way too outlandish for the doom theme.
ElegantAndrogyne's avatar
"Pink is NOT necessarily cute" ;)
CaptRiskyBoots's avatar
My favorite enemies to take out. Just 1 well placed Super Shotgun blast, a Chainsaw, or even 1 well placed punch while under the effects of Berserk are enough to kill these guys.
FK-Central's avatar
Twenty of these things chasing you when you're armed with a pistol will suck.
SOTF's avatar
Even if you have a shotgun, they're still a pain in the ass - especially when they have you cornered.
FK-Central's avatar
This will leave you with two choices: Double Barrel, or Chainsaw.
SOTF's avatar
...and hope that the -fastmonsters parameter isn't set on!
FK-Central's avatar
Well there's always worse things than a Demon. It's a Specter. Their cousin.
Reptillicus's avatar
nasty in groups unless you got the super shotgun or the plasma gun
Talex0211's avatar
Wait, which plasma gun, the rifle or the rail gun?
CaptRiskyBoots's avatar
Or if you've picked up Berserk.
Aaerial15's avatar
Draws Super Shotgun. Pinky Steaks, Comin' up!
gato303co's avatar
AspiePie's avatar
Pinky verses Pinkie Pie anyone?
Aqua311's avatar
What is it with demons and horns?

Do they have a fetish for bulls and rams?
ah Pinky :P
There you are. Really amazing job dude
As a die hard Doom fan, I cannot express how fast I would throw out cash on prints of these fan arts.
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slash000's avatar
This is awesome. Fun seeing some Doom fan art.
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