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Mancubus:Doom (was supposed to say Mancubus : Doom)

For Game-art-HQ's Doom 20th anniversary art tribute

This is the other BFG: the big fat guy.
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"The only good thing about old Fatso is that he makes for a nice, wide target. Good thing, because it takes a TON of bullets to puncture him. He pumps out fireballs like there's no tomorrow..."
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Perfect. Extremely grotesque.
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I LOVE playing as this guy
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You are huge!That means you have huge guts!RIP AND TEAR!
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This looks awesome!!!
Who doesn't love the demons of hell?
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Nice :D The details looks fantastic. I remember me being : :o when I heard this creepy bastard "moaned" in the distant in Doom 3. 
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Get that rocket launcher ready...
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The only good thing about fatso is that he's a nice wide target. Good thing, because it takes a lot of hits to puncture him. He pumps out fireballs like there was no tomorrow.
Wow, you have the instruction book. Either that or you remember the exact words after all these years, because I recognize them.
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awesome, great art !
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lol the other bfg, very good! REally loving your HQ designs of classic monsters :D
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I love the way these fat fucks die.
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This is incredible!, really :)
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Oh fuck. This is so unbelievably terrifying. Way more so than your cyberdemon or spider mastermind. Way more than any movie monster. An army of how many of these, do you suppose you'd need to take over the world? I'm thinking not so many. As if his body wasn't intimidating enough, I wouldn't want to face against anything holding 2 guns that look like that. Or one gun that looks anything like that. It sure looks more powerful than the BFG. Hell, the guns look like they each weigh as much as a compact car. They look like they might be made out of the metal of a compact car after being crushed into a cube. They look like they might pack the power of nuclear weapons, but as a gun you can shoot..... undemiloooo.....
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Truly a work of beauty.
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He's big, he's ugly. What more do you want?
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Now I remember those guys!
As much as I used to be scared of them, it was satisfying seeing them blow up!
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Yah they had a very rewarding death animation. It was pretty messy.
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So freaking awesome!
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