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Golden Axe

Another submission for Game-Art-HQ's 'beat-em-up" tribute.
I wanted to give this one a somewhat vintage look, and I mainly wanted to illustrate my favorite parts of Golden Axe: Magic, and Riding beasts.
I have somewhat mixed feelings about how this one turned out, but I hope you enjoy it.
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Gillius pulling the thunder god in the background. :D
And, MY GOD! That Dragon and that Chicken Leg! Sweet merciful lord, what a great design! Congratulations!
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awasome job i love this game!!!!
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Amazing work! I love this :)
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Nicest of the GA illustrations.
(Crom Might Be Proud)
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Really good, great job! :) Only Tyra looks a bit off though, but that can certainly be forgiven because of the coolness of the pic, especially like your chickenleg!
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Thanks.. I pretty much just drew them from their original sprites, so I'm sure there's some variations from any of the promotional art. Once I realized the original box art was a painting by Boris Vallejo, I knew there was no way I could realistically compete with that, so I just did my own thing. :)
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Hey, I meant more proportion wise, your style is actually really cool and you really portrayed the feel of the games boxart :)
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I agree it is cool. Proportions are different with each person, (some having legs much longer than torso) and there is nothing glaringly off that it would really warrant any sort of real criticism, other than personal taste, so i think he did just fine there.

I particularity appreciate the foreshortened arm, as that is a tricky thing to pull off.
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Thanks... Yah I see what you mean.
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Delicious chicken leg!
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Awesomeness overload!
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hehe.. thanks!
The creation of great momentum
Very deep extraordinary heroes to the presentation
But I prefer the bad Amazons Lemanaya of
With her ​​sister (Starchinaya and Strobaya)
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Oooooh yeah! Awesome. :D

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Thanks AK. I still have very mixed feelings about this one.
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You're welcome. :)

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I thought this one was a "hack-&-slash".
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Technically, you're definitely hacking and slashing, but I think the game play is more beat-em-up style.
I agree with you. It's a difficult use of space and perspective.
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