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George Floyd

There are no excuses for any of this... We need change
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And society as a whole is not. Lmfao

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fentanyl moment

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The Fresh Prince of No Air

Love it. Sorry it brought some of the nutjobs out of the woodwork.

Yeah. Pretty sure this dude is a racist

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Nah. The "dude" is just against glorifying criminals.

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This is a beautiful, heartfelt piece. Thank you.

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George can't be returned back, but hope his death won't be in vain.

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Amazing peace of art and im sure he would love it if he could see it.

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George Floid. A career criminal meets an unjust end.

Yet Antifa and BLM love him for it. They rejoice in his death. They are grateful for it.

Cause now they can act as if they have an excuse to act as demonic and below human standarts as they always want, 24/7 all over the year.

Violence loving people will be violent.

They are the same as the Police Officer if not worse.

A career criminal dies and gets put on an altar.

The riots his death enabled killed several others, far less criminal people who just got in the way of the hostile, vile stempede of madness and hatred.

If people are that stupid, they should just die.

Nothing excuses even more violence. Nothing.

They dont care about Floid, they care about robbery and destruction.

They dont act out of empathy, they act out of an indoctrinated stimulus.

And somewhere deep, deep in the concrete jungle, the true masters on top of everything resembling leftist, they rub their hands and giggle and smirk how well their plan for a one-government world might be one step closer to be realized.

Fuck off Trumptard.

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This is not a "Trumptard"

It's at least a white supremacist, but i'm pretty sure an actual neo nazi.

As a german citizen i apoligize for the behaviour of this nutjob

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This triggered little assclown blocked me.

Why are right wingers always such easily offended special snowflakes.

Maybe the internet is not the right place for you, if you can't handle people disagreeing with you

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You should apologize first for being born you pathetic brainwashed degenerate.

DunkleMaterie's avatar

Better be a Trumptard as a mentally sick monster.

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That's one narrative. A more correct one is that a man's death was the last straw for people sick of seeing police murder them, of everyday racism. And that some are profiting from it. You mention leftists, there certainly are some extremists out there causing chaos. There's also some serious evidence of the involvement of extreme right wingers.

And it's funny how in your supposed hatred of tyranny you fail to see the tyrant before your very eyes. Truly, a good narrative does wonders to drown the masses.

DunkleMaterie's avatar

Nope - there is no tyranny but the felt one.

And apparently all statistics denying the "stimulus" from the leftwing dominated mainstream media is all "fake news" and rightwing propaganda.

Apparently Black on Black crime is the highest crime-rate inside the ranks of the same ehtnic worldwide.

But yeah if white police officers may shoot a black person for whatever reason... their white skin is just too evil to look at, right?

People were trained to percieve it this way. Like dumb animals.

By the humanhostile, antidemocratic, bought out and uniformed mainstream invented by those who created the left and stand at its peak.

I know it hurts to know one's own worldview was planned and installed into oneself by someone else but this is just how it is.

Blacks kill Black the most.

Watched enough black people on YouTube the last years with Police force experience and they all say this is the undeniable truth!

But what is the most racistic about all of this Floid story is that you can bet your ass off the riots would not be as worse as they are, if his murderer would also be black.

And that is incredibly racist.

But no one knows who owns the shops, cars and all kinds of property that is now looted by shitstains of all colors, not that someone claims I focus on black people with such a term. B-)

Still got this one semi-black childhood friend who was actually labeled a "Nazinigger" 2017 by leftist webwarriors, for taking conservative stances in a discussion.

Ooooooh strange! I thought the n-word was taboo?!

If the black person who has to be on the leftist spectrums side is not their willing "bitchboy cuck slave", then suddenly he can be even called slurs again!!

Straaaaaaaange! =D

I thought those are the good guys and I the rightwing views holding person am the soooo evil and judgemental thinking person! =)

In the face and sunlight of reality,

the left narrative crumbles like the disgusting vampire that it is.

And nobody gives a shit about Floid, the rioters love his death.

Nobody goes full nutjob like this if not planning or desiring it for a long time.

What a heritage Floid leaves to the USA.

His destructive lifestyle ends in an even more chaotic finale.

BLM and Antifa are just angry that the Police may reign them in if their desires of truly lowly motives are lived out too openly.

Criminals just hate a law that stops them from acting like the anarchy alpha.

This is all it is. They could not give more fucks about Floid.

And the truly calmheaded actors already showered Floids soul in prayers of thanks for his gruesome death, as he has now enabled them a horde of likeminded hooligans and seperatists, in which they can blend in for safe looting and vicious attacks on other people.

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"But what is the most racistic about all of this Floid story is that you can bet your ass off the riots would not be as worse as they are, if his murderer would also be black.

And that is incredibly racist."

Of course not. The thing being protested here is institutional racism. The many cases of black people being shot for nothing by white policemen. If the policemen had also been black, then it would be a case of police brutality, but not necessarily of racism - although racist prejudice and systemic violence are so ingrained in US culture that some black people probably also follow commonly accepted racist patterns - just like some women argue that women are inferior to men.

"Statistics..." tell me about your deep understanding of statistics. Please, I would love to hear. Because, you know, when one works in science, and must all the time check oneself for prejudice to make sure one's conclusions are solid, hearing right-wingers criticizing science because "their prejudice told them so" would be hilarious if it wasn't causing so much damage these days.

"Nobody goes full nutjob like this if not planning or desiring it for a long time." You just found out that some people are really tired of the situation. Good for you.

Let's try an experiment. Replace "leftist" by "Jews" or "capitalists" in your little speech. Does this sound familiar?

DunkleMaterie's avatar

Its not the demographics fault that most police officers are white.

And you just unmasked yourself as a very spiteful racist by saying the skincolor of the officer is very important.

Important enough to decide between if normal life goes on or civil war breaks out?

What do you people put in your drinks?!

Black on White crime is much higher for all kinds of negative reasons which will not be excused. Ultimately it boils down to many Blacks not able to endure being born into less wealthy livingconditions.

Cause not a single generation of these "wannabe apex predators in the gangsta hood jungle" have ever been as wealthy as the white middle-class apparently.

So instead of wandering out of their hoods and leaving victim-mentality and oppression-mentality behind <- something only the spiteful and lazy revel in as an excuse, they try to force their ways against everyone.

And who stops them most of the time?

The law. The law that has no skincolor but many white personal.

Btw. I watched this woman for some time. Tree of Logic.

She is called all kinds of slurs sometimes for not taking the sides of criminals just because they are black.

Replace Jews with Zionists.

And capitalism with communism.

We do not live in a capitalist society.

It becomes more and more communist everyday but people do not see that.

At least in Europe. Cannot speak for the US.

But any~ways.

You think the riots and the additional people having fallen victim to it are good?

" Better as if nothing would have happened? "

Wanna see your face when it kills someone important to you!

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"And you just unmasked yourself as a very spiteful racist by saying the skincolor of the officer is very important." No, you are simply not getting the point: if, in an environment with plenty of racism, a white police officer unfairly kills a black person, then there is a good reason to believe racist bias played a role. It's much more difficult to believe (though not impossible) if the police officer is of the same grouping as the victim. Your lack of comprehension is so

DunkleMaterie's avatar

Sooo? The officer was fired I heard. Allthough he should be jailed for manslaughter at least for what he has done. ( Yeah I saw the video. )

Racist bias is something I personally view as the normalcy in human mentality.

But it is up to decide if our innate racial profiling is gaining toxicity or remains relatively neutral and more of a logic based pattern, instead of an animalistic mix of instinct and destructive emotions.

Ever heard the storys that Lions and Hyenas hate each other so much they just kill each other and do not even eat the body of the current loser?

Those two species sharing similar hunting grounds and having a rival/adversary like relationship in hunt for the same prey, they do not act purely rational when confronting each other for longer periods of time.

Pretty interesting, isnt it? :sherlock:

But back to Floyd. ( Did I wrote "Floid" the entire time? Woops. )

Answer the following questions please.

* Does the riots make George Floid less of a dead man?

* Will killing even more people as a result, honor or rather defile his heritage further?

* Is the answer to violence, even more violence and towards all kinds of people unrelated to this incident?

The hostile conspiring society involved in all of this DOES NOT EXIST.

Even though it is not said very often but in the end when a Black person is a violent hostile piece of sh...ame ;) , most people tend to think in their heads secretely...

" That is not a Black person. That is a Nigger. "

Because they do not want to throw all Black people in the same boat as those degenerated, omni-imcopatible individuals which empower a stereotype of Blacks being nothing but trouble and risk.

But when a white person is a shithead... he is strangely associated with all kinds of other white people and that is not racism?

Or what about this Black Restaurant owner that has now lost his lifelyhood because Antifa and BLM kinda destroyed his building, his business and his whole future?

But hey at least it was BLM who participated in this right?

Thanks god his fellow Black brothers did it for... yeah... the sake of all Blacks or something and just that. ;)

TOTALLY NOT because they just want to steal what they cannot afford otherwise or because they are just a bundle of criminal desires in total? And not because they get off at the thought of standing above all laws and being some twisted kind of Kings in their own imaginary world!?

Bandits, Murderers and Thiefs are just that through the millenias.

And now finally the left has created a clima in which those people are valued higher as anybody else, as long as they just mask themself properly or have the right skincolor.

Totally not racist and anarchist at all, right?

Hellish times are coming.

And people are too stupid to see it.

Nobody gives a shit about Floyd.

Nobody feels pity for him, no they celebrate was happened to him.

Cause now he enabled a cheap excuse and most people are too DRUNK ON THEIR INDOCRINATED WORLDVIEWS to understand what is happening.


It was not easy to be allowed to own a gun in Germany (where I live).

But I am ready. If a disgusting bloodthirsty mob thinks they can just come and beat me to death and steal everything I own, they are in for one hell of a fight.

And I am not alone. We are ready.

Ultimately those rioters are all murderous cowards hoping for easy prey and victims.

They wont find any where I live. But they will most probably not even come here.

Good for them.

Good for them!

I never felt sorry for those holding ill will towards me regardless of who I am or what I am actually doing in my life.

Since it is cool to corner people because of their skincolor, I think maybe it is time those "evil skincolors" should actually become a little evil in order to see the next day, huh?

The rioters are just lucky so many people are such cowardly pussys.

I would have shot at least 10 of them before going down.

And I will gladly enter Valhalla knowing I have left a nice statistic behind.

No empathy for those who have none in themself.

And no excuses for completely mundane and common murderers and bandits.

If we even see as much as violent freaks roaming our neighbourhood, trying to loot and assault, they will be escorted out pretty quickly.

And if they resist, they better be prepared to meet their maker.

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Lot's of things to answer, so little time.

So, first: bad example, hyenas and lions. They do not interbreed. We do, we are one species. There are ethnic differences, most cosmetic, some radical (e.g. that group of fishermen with eyes that can see better underwater, etc...). There is however ample evidence that cultural differences, when they are even real and not stereotypes, are not genetically encoded. if we want to go by stereotype, a German kid raised in Italy by Italians is unlikely to be as obsessed with order, and more likely to talk a lot with his hands :P In fact, there are groups with radically different cultures despite constant intermixing with out groups (the first example coming to mind is the fascinating Pirahã from Amazonia - no relation to the fish - who do not seem to have a concept for anything but immediacy in their culture, and are unable to grasp this concept when confronted with external people).

I am always fascinated to see people who have not been subject to racism maintain with a straight face that racism does not exist. I am from a neighbouring country, France, and can testify to having witnessed a lot of racism, in France, in the UK, in Austria where I currently reside, or (dramatically more) in Poland which I often visit (I still can't believe it's ok there to sell pictures of an old Jew with a crooked nose counting coins as a good luck charm!)

So you are a preper. Nice for you. Do us a favour and instead of trying to fuel inter-ethnic hatred, wait for society to collapse on its own, as it will when we run out of resources and finish destroying the environment.

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