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Doom Imp

Another addition to my classic Doom series of illustrations.
Part of Game-Art-HQ's Doom 20th anniversary collection.
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"You probably thought an Imp was a cute little dude with a red suit and a pitchfork. Where did THESE brown bastards come from?! They heave balls o' fire down your throat and take several bullets to die. It's time to find a weapon bigger than that Pistol if you're gonna face more than one of these SOBs..."
they should have went with this in doom 4
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Interesting take on the classic design! The shading is spectacular!
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Doom fan here.
Nice use of the color...amazing!
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I like how yours is based on the original. It's friggen awesome.
kimikikiki's avatar
Wow so good~~~~!!!:happybounce: I love deviantART! 
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Keep up the good work!
doom emote
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That's actually Bad-Ass!
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Dude this is fucking badass!!! Imps were so fun to kill! :D awesome job on this I love you work ^_^
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Oh yeah, mister Imp? :iconripandtearplz:
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Man! ID software should base next Doom game on Your artwork. Of course with giving adequate percent of their profit to You. Seriously You've got some insane skills. :wow:
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Awesome and detailed take on the original simplistic design.
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The only 2 problems i have with this Pic are that his chin is too pointy compared to the original and the pupils Are too small other than that the body looks great
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Sweet! The face has a bit of an Eddie from Iron Maiden vibe. \m/
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I was going to say!
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Look at this crazy imp!
Gosh... there was this one doom mod which they danced. Can't unsee that!
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Dude. Wicked. :nod:

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wouldn't want to run into that around a corner.
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