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Here's my take on the Cyberdemon from the Doom series.

In between working on this piece I played a bit of Doom II co-op with my friend Rob (aka: Sickboyardee: [link] )
We had an entertaining little battle with a Cyberdemon who managed to corner us at the spawn point. By the time he finally died, the entryway was littered with more of our corpses than I could count.
This duo of space marines consisting of Rob and myself has been in effect since Doom was a relatively new game, so joining forces for a night of Doom run-and-gun fun was a really good and nostalgic time.

The piece was done as part of Game-Art-HQ's Doom tribute. [link]
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Tom-tim-tam's avatar
I'm so glad this model is in Doom eternal
A missile-launching skyscraper with goat legs. 'Nuff said.
AceOfSpeed94's avatar
Not so very badass anymore when he gets telefragged sometimes lmao.
then again amazing workout on this Cyberdemon ^^ though i really hate Archviles more than this guy.
TheOldyTimeSteampunk's avatar
I Hate those 2 equally, along with that robot brain creature
unsanemaker's avatar
Please take this "I'm a total artistic badass mother fucker!" award.
Soundwave04's avatar
I don't think I could give any words to justify how badass this looks. ^.^
CaptRiskyBoots's avatar
You know what? Id Software should hire you because your Doom artworks can make great concept art for the enemies.
AdemKoc's avatar
cannon itself sucks tho unreal
AdemKoc's avatar
best cyb so far, ID could learn a thing or two from you
AG-sArt's avatar
Holy s***t O.o 

Probably one of the best Cyberdemon I have seen in dA so far :o Such details...
Great job to say the very least
This just looks so right amazing work there ^^
AspiePie's avatar
Best interpretation yet!
SOTF's avatar
Amazing details. I love how you made it seem so realistic in many aspects.
wojti2000's avatar
BioVass's avatar
Hey, I thought he had a one big eye
The-Red-Scare's avatar
You're thinking of the Cacodemon.
BioVass's avatar
Yes, I was mistaken. I looked on da sprite more carefully, dis thing indeed has 2 eyes
Minty-Fishbowl's avatar
Incredible Cyberdemon. Really love how the hair looks.

Doom is one of the most timeless games ever made - one of the few that I can just keep going back to over and over - and you represented it perfectly here.
legendofspyroXcynder's avatar
dat rocket launcher *__*;
BaronTheDoomlord's avatar
Epic take on the Cyberdemon. Man, these guys were a lot of fun to fight, especially if you had other enemies around for them to take out for you.
AussieRainbowDash's avatar
You wanna know the real reason he has a rocket Launcher for a hand? Ill tell you.
I ripped off his arm and beat him with it.
Aqua311's avatar
Oh, Cyberdemon. You huge pain in the ass...
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