What is Black?

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Published: September 5, 2008
In a city of neon and chrome
Where the lights dim the stars,
It is in the darkest of hours that
One finds solace in the inky oblivion
That is black.
It is the silent comfort,
The warm embrace,
The sin
That one craves.
It seeps into the soul,
And becomes a stone wall.
When the fire dies,
It is the still scorching charcoal
Burning a broken heart.
Black is hate everlasting,
Intense, white-hot, cold,
Black is soothing as it encompasses,
Blissful as its misery trickles over one's skin.
It is sharp as a double-edged blade,
Yet soft as a down feather.
It is cold and dark,
Warm and balmy,
Peaceful and violent.
It has no beginning and has no end.
Black is unchanging.
It is an eternal abyss.
© 2008 - 2020 EmoPotato
'Kay so this was written for an assignment for my Creative Writing class. We had to pick our favorite color and write a poem on it.


-Brainstorm your favorite colors.
-Choose one color.
-Answer the question "What is [your color]?"
-Define your color.
-What images come to mind when you think of your color?
-What things are your color?
-What feelings go with your color?
-What does the color symbolize?
-Add your own flare!

We were told to read the student example on the back (What is White? by Marsha Gauthier) and get an idea of what it should be like.

It was basically anything goes as far as the type of poem (free verse, rhyming, etc.).

D: This is what came out.

I decided against using purple 'cause that was too hard to write and green would probably be overdone. D:

-Pouts a bit.-
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goldmedalribbonHobbyist Writer
This is great. I can really see your description of black in there and understand it. Great description of the colour, the ideas go well with the colour :)
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Thank you so much! :hug: :heart:
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goldmedalribbonHobbyist Writer
you're welcome!
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I like it, it's good.

I'm not sure I like "Down feather" because I don't think it quite fits in the line properly, but other than that I think it really catches the colour's essence.
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Any suggestions as to how I might fix the line? I was trying to think of the softest thing I could. D: Down feathers are preeeetty damn soft.
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I think "downy" would work better, just because the word itself is softer.

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Mmm, I see what you mean. -Tried it out.- 83 Thanks~ <3333
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<3333no problem~
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: ). I like it. <3.
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You're welcome. <333.
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