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"What is your favorite color?"

They'd been asking eachother questions all day as they lay there in the grass together, staring up at the clouds through the willow vines above them, dreaming of bigger places, bigger things. So young they were, and so eager to escape together the confines of their small town life.

She had to think about the question for a moment. She'd never really had a color she liked above all others. After a moment, she finally answered. "Blue."

He hmmed and tucked the information away in his mind. "Why?"

"I don't know. It's pretty, I guess." She'd never been able to explain why she liked or disliked something more or less than something else, let alone why she liked or disliked it. "And yours?"

"White." He'd said it without even pausing to think about it.

"White isn't a color," she said.

"On the contrary," he told her, pulling her up with him as he sat up and leaned back against the base of the tree so that he could look at her. "White is all the colors."

Curious, she prompted further explanation. "How so?"

"Have you ever seen a rainbow?" he asked. She nodded. "Do you know how rainbows are formed? When a beam of white light passes into a prism," he continued after she'd shook her head, "the light bounces off the insides and gets flipped around. At the same time, it reflects and gets separated. When it comes out of the prism, it comes out as the separated colors."

She frowned a little. "That pretty complicated."

"It's less complicated than it sounds, actually. Would you like me to show you sometime?"

She nodded, smiling. "Wouldn't it just be easier to say you liked 'rainbow', though?"

This time he shook his head. "When you think of rainbows, how many colors do you think of?"

"The colors that are in the rainbow, of course." But wasn't that all of the colors?

"Which colors are those?"

"Red, orange, yellow.. green.. blue, indigo.. and violet, right?" She looked up at him to confirm.

He nodded. "But what about the colors in between?" He lifted his hand to her face as embarrassment tinted it pink, brushed his fingertips over her cheek. "What about this beautiful shade, lighter and softer than the vibrant, harsh red of the rainbow? Or," he trailed off, fingertips moving to tuck a stray strand of strawberry blonde hair behind her ear, "this shade? Not quite yellow, not quite orange." He caught her gaze, smiled again. "Your eyes, too, are neither one color nor the other, but a mix of blue and green."

"You forgot about indigo and violet."

He shook his head again. "I didn't forget. I chose not to acknowledge them."

"Why not?" The question came before the realization. Her expression fell.

He gingerly took one of her arms in his hand and caressed with his other one of the many dark bruises that tarnished the young woman's skin. "While they are beautiful colors, they're colors that don't suit you at all."

There was silence between them for a long time after that, not because there was nothing to say but because neither knew what could be said. In those silent moments, the need to escape this place became greater in each of them.

"What color do you think would suit me?" she asked.

The smile returned to his face. "Which do you think?"

A small smile spread on her lips as well. "White?"

"Can you guess why?"

She shook her head. "Tell me."

"Each color has a different meaning," he explained. "White means purity, innocence, peace. Purple," his thumb brushed over the discolored skin again, "along with wisdom, enlightenment and spirituality, also means cruelty, arrogance and mourning. White is also often associated with marriage."

She tensed at the word. They'd often talked about running away together, but marriage had never been a topic of discussion until now.

"Another month and I will have all the money that I'll need to get you out of this town." He brushed his lips over her forehead and rested his cheek on the top of her head. "And when we are finally free, we'll be able to start our lives together, start a family together. When we leave here, will you wear white for me?"

"I'd go naked if you asked me to," she laughed. He laughed, too.

"What's your favorite dessert?"

The questions continued like that for the rest of the afternoon and well into the night.

The month, it seemed, passed agonizingly slow. The day for the young man and woman to finally break free of the chains that bound them had finally come. He knew, as soon as he arrived at the willow tree where they had laid talking of trivial things and didn't find her there, that she wouldn't be coming. His heart ached.

She hadn't even made it to the door. The white dress she'd bought only days before to wear just for him was stained red.

Red: aggression, danger, blood, violence. Love.
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Uhh. B| I don't know what the hell is wrong with DA's subcategories.

Anyway, uhh.


I was puttering through this ( [link] ) and looking at the list of prompts and stuff and I picked #16 on the phrase prompts list.

B|; Yeah, I don't know. Should I put this as mature?

What's your favorite color/why?
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Huuuuum. I like this- it makes me FEEL EMOTION.

I notice that we don't really know what the characters look like- just the colours. I think that's clever, but you might want to add more sensory imagery to give it more depth. Colours, sounds, scents, tactile sensation. Not like everywhere- that would overload it. But a little deviation from just colour in a few places would be good. What does her voice sound like? What does the grass smell like? Is the sun warm? AND DON'T TAKE OUT ANY OF THE EXISTING COLOUR IMAGERY. Well, that's not really for me to decide... but I don't think you should.

I also think that "So young they were, and so eager to escape together the confines of their small town life." is kind of corny. I think that's telling in a place where showing would be a lot better. I'm not quite sure how I would 'fix' that, though. Maybe pepper the information out in hints through the piece. What image could make a reader think of small towns: Orchards or fields maybe? Cattle? Farms? What could show they really love each other? Holding hands- snuggling? Head on the shoulder? I think his Dialogue covers the wanting to escape part really well, so I wouldn't worry about that.

Goooood writings.

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Yeah, I'm not the best with details. I tend to forget about them unless it's a thought in the front of my mind. I'll probably go back at some point and (re-)write some.

Thanks for the tips. B) :heart: