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thnk u riot man

1. Visit this generator - what's the first animal you see? Is it cute? (Regenerate button at bottom first!!!) 
the porpoise is hella cute oml

2. What's your favorite genre of music? Link a song that you've been listening to a lot lately!
rap :3

3. Would you prefer aliens to join us on Earth, or for humans to venture into space and live with aliens?
eh earth is pretty screwed anyway, lets go visit the aliens.

4. Pick an alliance: Lightproud defenders of all that is right and just, or Darkfierce warriors of the misunderstood. Why did you pick that side?
light .. ?

5. Fuck! You've grown two hind legs and your former human legs have morphed - in other words, you've become a taur! Which animal would you have as your lower half?

6. Your stances on rap and country music, possibly the most disliked genres in music, are:
Rap is AMAZING, country's honestly pretty nice

7. What is your alignment?
no takes too long
8. Would you rather eat dog food for a month or get shot in the knee?
shot in the knee wtf

9. Are you manual breathing now? ;3

10. Have you ever played an instrument?

11. What's your least favorite color and why?
i like pastel pink and pastel blue but also neon blue

12. What's the worst thing you've ever eaten?
bean-boozled jellybeans

13. What's your personal motto?

14. What were you obsessed with when you were a kid?
my little pony

15. What's your favorite animal that isn't a mammal?
butterfly or flamingo

16. The future comes with the introduction of fully sentient robots. You in particular have met a robot you reluctantly have feelings for. Do you believe that loving artificial life is wrong?

17. Do you think extinct species should be artificially recreated, for the sake of studying them?
i mean sure but not released into the wild

18. Generate a detective name and pick the first one you see for yourself! (You can change the gender of the name first.)
Irene Steele

19. What is your most unique ability?
I'm creative idk

20. What's your favorite fruit?

21. Now mix your favorite fruit with what you last ate. Is it tasty?
stawberry lolipop mmmmmmmm

22. Pick an element: Air, water, fire, earth, or darkness?

23. Have you ever done something considered illegal in your state/country?
24. Do you believe in miracles?

25. What about luck? Karma?

26. Would you jump off a bridge if your friends did?

27. What is your Chinese Zodiac?

28. In what way do you express yourself the most?
the way i talk

29. What was your favorite year?

30. What is your definition of evil?
people who enjoy seeing others in physical pain

31. What do you wish you knew more about?
how to be funny 

32. What gets you fired up?
when people are dumb

33. What is your pet peeve?
annoying noises

34. Describe the nicest thing anyone has done for you.
being my friend

35. Have you ever built a snowman?

36. Favorite kind of weather?
sunny and hooooot

37. What kind of clothes do you wear on an average day?
leggings shirt and jacket

38. Would you rather be a cowboy or a martial artist?
cowboy yee haw cause the accent

39. You're an assassin hired by a big corporation, sent to kill the CEO of a competitor. You have the man at gunpoint, but realize that it's the wrong person! Do you kill them and find the right guy, or do you spare their life and promptly gain a bounty on your head?
kill both 

40. What's your favorite trait of your best friend?
shes super cool and smart and responsible

41. Favorite Girl Scout cookie?

42. Does it snow where you live?
it snowed like 3 times this year but usually it never does

43. Do you still go to school?

44. Extreme heat or extreme cold?
extreme hot

45. Would you prefer to know how you die, or when you die?

46. Is there omnipresence in our world?

47. What is the silliest fear you have?
calling people

48. What's a strange habit you can't kick?
chewing on random stuff/ eating paper

49. What do you add to your coffee? Do you drink it black? Or at all?
sugar and creamer but i hate coffe

50. Was there an event in your life that defied explanation?
pillsburydough Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2018
EmoMeme-o Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2018  Student Digital Artist
xddddd meowww
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