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A valentine's message from Melanie

This Valentine's Day, I encourage you all to view your life and the world you live in with eyes of love. Love is a powerful, transformative energy that most of the time we all push away because of our doubts, worries, and other normal human emotions that we all carry. But Remember that you ARE love. Everyday you wake up is a new opportunity to live your life with love. Practice seeing love in every being, every situation, and everything around you. The clouds above you, the dirt below your feet, the trees that are dancing in the wind, all carry love. Love for each other and love for us. Let’s look up to nature and give love to each other the same way it does, so we all can grow into the happy, loving beings we actually are. If there isn’t anyone in your life who you feel truly loves you the way you wish to be loved, practice loving yourself first. And remember that I LOVE YOU

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February 14, 2018


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