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You have Met Your True Fate

By emoLove9900
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*yawns* Finally...finished! Whoo...!

Yes, It is Jeff. Both sane & psychotic Jeff on the left. And, then there's Insanity and Ri (which are both I) on the right. They are my creepy pasta characters. I've been thinking of making a Pasta tho...meh. I'll think about it! :D

Jeffrey (sane Jeff), Jeff the Killer (c) owned & made by whoever made him.

Insanity, Ri (c) owned & made by Me; ~emoLove9900

EDIT: I changed the title :>
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© 2012 - 2021 emoLove9900
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Mirror Jeff: You alright?
Jeff: I'm not talking to you anymore, your just a coping mechanism gone wrong.
Mirror Jeff: Hows Lui
Jeff: You don't talk about him.
Mirror Jeff: We'll see... Next time he's shaving.
Jeff: *leaves room* Its all in your head Jeff.
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JEF: no no! thats not me nooooo!
jeff the killer: mwahaha
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Jeffery: um... gotta *voice crack* go... * nervous laugh *
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Oh my god. Stop asking if it's Jane! It's Insanity, read the description!
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Okay I see jeff but who is the girl? (Jane?)
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No... Her name is in the description too..
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You just gave me an idea.Thank you I'm favouriting this
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who's the girl, jane?
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WOW ^-^ so awesome!
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So... You made insanity... I LOVE IT- FAVORITE FOR YOU!

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i meant to delete that lol can u?
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This picture shows what I go throw every day..... I like
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You're a really awesome artist
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....how old are u again?
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I'm young and I'm not allowed to be on dA because of my age.
Click here for the answer---->> [link]
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