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Fade Away
Thinking of you
While looking at this mess I'm in
Shines the light
on all the dreams that might have been.
Crying about the tears I've cried
Thinking of this part inside
That died for you,
and all the words left unsaid.
You never let me speak,
I died for you,
and all the love I spent
should have let you know
that I've never went
to a worse place than when you left.
But it's all okay.
It's all okay.
I've cleaned up all this mess you've made.
Shattered glass
and a broken heart
Goes well with this world
you left taken apart.
Crying about the tears I've cried,
you make me wonder when love subsides
and breaks away to nothing.
The nothing you left for me.
You never let me speak,
I died for you,
and all the love I spent
should have let you know
that I've never went
to a worse place than when you left.
But it's all okay.
It's all okay.
I've cleaned up all this mess you've made.
You could have changed,
You could have left me all alone
But we both know you never did.
You waited for me to crumble
:iconemolove-4ever:EmoLove-4ever 9 25
Broken by EmoLove-4ever Broken :iconemolove-4ever:EmoLove-4ever 8 6 Broken WIP by EmoLove-4ever Broken WIP :iconemolove-4ever:EmoLove-4ever 10 8 Flowers WIP2 by EmoLove-4ever Flowers WIP2 :iconemolove-4ever:EmoLove-4ever 7 11 Flowers WIP by EmoLove-4ever Flowers WIP :iconemolove-4ever:EmoLove-4ever 5 19
Tales of the Trees and the Moon
A forest so serene
So quiet
So unspoiled.
The moon shone down
And envied its peace.
For it did not have peace of its own.
And it watched as the race of man,
Greedy in their lust for power,
Chopped down her trees and killed its growth,
And was happy.
The moon's laugh echoed
Throughout the mountains,
Where it reached the ears of tree.
A lone tree who had been misplaced.
He had fought the rocks
Of the mountains to grow.
It longed for salvation;
Of a home and a place to rest.
For this, it had in common with the forest.
She longed to be wanted.
For no one had cared for her since she was a single sapling.
And now, only a few trees left,
The moon grew angry.
It wanted to be superior in beauty.
And as the forest reached up towards its light,
He only looked away and rallied the men
To burn the rest of the trees.
Only a stump left,
The tree of the mountain
Blew a seed into the wind,
And in that seed was its heart.
It planted itself on top of the roots
Of the last stump in the forest.
That seed g
:iconemolove-4ever:EmoLove-4ever 1 10
Mature content
Yet Another :iconemolove-4ever:EmoLove-4ever 3 5
Mellon by EmoLove-4ever Mellon :iconemolove-4ever:EmoLove-4ever 0 8
The door's unlocked.
Time's wasting, no one will know.
The darkness tempts
With her seductive breath.
The soft sound of a heartbeat
And the moon shining down
Remind me of who I am.
Who I've been.
I don't care what I'm doing.
Don't know where I'm going.
But the door is unlocked,
And I'm running out into the night.
Away from fright.
Nightmares of monsters that are mine alone,
Away from anyone I've ever known.
Goodbye, my dear.
Time's wasting, I fear,
As I walk out into the darkness. . .
:iconemolove-4ever:EmoLove-4ever 1 6
Light's First Love
Beautiful sunlight.
Gorgeous moonlight
reflected by your eyes.
You're holding the stars captive.
I yearn.
I want.
Don't hold back
and never let go.
:iconemolove-4ever:EmoLove-4ever 3 3
Thoughts spill from strangers ears,
Falling slowly towards the earth.
There is nothing worth seeing,
There is nothing worth feeling.
But hearing your words
Stops the bleeding.
Words are carrying to the mountain's peak,
Crossing the birds and the streams.
There is nothing above.
And nothing below.
But the space is not empty
And void.
My world is crashing,
Towards the cold, dark abyss.
There is no light,
No warmth to be found.
Except for the beating of you heart
As I whisper "I love you".
And all seems to be still once again.
:iconemolove-4ever:EmoLove-4ever 18 12
The Twig's Shade
When I was little, I would cry every time someone yelled at me, so I tried to make people happy, by being someone I wasn't. But they would still yell at me... so I tried a different approach: Be the wall-flower who everybody thinks is a weirdo and won't talk to. Yup, I was that kid. And you know what? Life was fine then! Sure, I had issues at school and heck, they weren't all fine and dandy, but home was great and my parents didn't smother me!!! Now they think I'm going to be an anorexic, prostitute that owns an international drug cartel!!!!! They give me no privacy. They give me no room to grow. Hell, I might be anorexic. I might end up not being the best daughter in the world. But am I any less of a person because of that? Am I less important than all of the others, simply because my clothes aren't from Aeropostale and Abercrombie? I'm a twig, growing in the soil, until someone plants this big oak tree right next to me and it grows, more and more until I'm in it's shade, and there's
:iconemolove-4ever:EmoLove-4ever 5 14
Fatal Slip
If I fell for you, would it hurt?
Don't let me hit the ground..
I'm too weak.
Because of my stature
And the way I stand,
Even the moon shines down
And frowns upon this hollow.
This broken, beaten shell
That I'm living in.
It can't stand up for itself;
It can't defend itself in the cold.
I want you near me,
I want you to share your warmth.
But I fear that I'll only make you colder,
I'll take your sun away
And you'll be left to wander about,
While I'm left falling.
You've shown me a new sky,
A world without the grey.
I cant lose it.
Not now.
The clocks are melting,
I don't have much time.
Take me away.
If I let myself  slip, will I die?
:iconemolove-4ever:EmoLove-4ever 4 2
I Want To Be Good Enough
Is it CRAZY that I want you?
Is it INSANE that I want you to be mine?
Or am I just selfish
For wanting so much?
How did you find me?
Why did you hug me,
And what made you WANT me?
I'll never understand that..
I think about the trouble you went through.
That one year ruined your life.
But you got back up…
And I don't want to pull you back down
With me.
I worry you.
And maybe you should be worried,
But I don't want this to be for nothing.
All this emotion,
The want, the words, the secrets shared.
After the dreams and the plans,
Am I selfish for wanting to stay?
Or do you want it, too?
I don't want to be alone…
I'm slowly losing my mind and I'm afraid
That nothing can stop me.
You're my last hope.
And I never wanted to drag you into this.
Please don't hurt.
This is my last chance with myself.
I want to be good enough this time.
If I'm not, then may I die knowing that you're happy.
I just want you here beside me…
:iconemolove-4ever:EmoLove-4ever 19 13
Perfect Purgatory
Feel like I'm roaming,
Endlessly haunting,
I can never get out of here.
The exit sign won't light up,
There is no arrow to show me the way.
Am I a ghost?
Nothing but dust in the wind.
The whispers you hear in the halls.
I'm mindlessly following
A path that leads to nowhere.
A perfect purgatory,
Just for me to stay.
And would that be so bad?
An eternity with me,
To stand with my presence
And walk with the night on our backs?
They'd never catch us.
Just run,
And never stop.
I'll catch up with you when the dawn comes.
Just let me float away.
I'll wither, I'll melt.
I'm roaming forever,
With no place to go.
Never leaving,
Just  H A U N T I N G...
:iconemolove-4ever:EmoLove-4ever 7 2
No one likes you
And they never did.
Someone's talking about you
Right now
And there is nothing you
Can do to stop them.
You see the person sitting beside you?
They don't like you.
The people you sit with at lunch
Feel sorry for you
And that why they allow you to sit there.
You'll never amount to anything
Because no one wants you.
Your friends talk about you
Behind your back every day
And none of them really think
That you're talented.
No one thinks you're interesting,
No one thinks you're beautiful
Or worth shit.
They only talk to you
Because they pity you.
You bore them.
You annoy them.
You're too awkward for anyone.
I'm your paranoia.
And I will be feeding you
For the rest of your life.
You'll die alone
Because no one ever wants to be with you.
And I will be right there
To tell you why.
:iconemolove-4ever:EmoLove-4ever 12 34


watercolor abstract 2 by koraykaragozler watercolor abstract 2 :iconkoraykaragozler:koraykaragozler 10,145 455 Bliss syringe by prosaix Bliss syringe :iconprosaix:prosaix 3,921 506
Use Super Glue!
My heart was broken
And couldn't be fixed.
That's when I tried
Some duct tape,
But my heart still
Wasn't mended.
So, I unbound the
Tape; but that's
When the tiny pieces
Fell and I thought it
Was the end.
Oh well...
Then, when I started
To slip- that's when
YOU came along and
Suggested some
I thought you were
Alittle crazy...
But I tried it!
And who would've
It actually worked!
My heart is healed,
And I'm all better now!
However, I still have my
Slip-ups; but don't we all?
What I'm trying to say right
Now, though, is...
Thank you for not letting me FALL!
:iconemo-artist-midnight:Emo-Artist-Midnight 3 9
A Bad Dream and War
Dazed and confused I pick
Myself up from the floor.
Trying to figure out if
We're at war.
Is our friendship gone?
Is the hurt getting stronger?
Or is it that love has become
Weakened by all this nonsense
And disaster?
We try to repair the relationship
We once had.
But instead we just tore it deeper
With our fear and dread.
I cry out your name but silence
Overcame and took all my senses
So now I sit here in the corner,
Just all huddled up with shame
and misery proclaiming it's LOVE
For me; and telling me you're no
Longer alive and friends with me.
So I scream and punch the wall,
Feeling lonely and dull.
Thinking to myself this is only a
Bad dream, I wake to find you watching
Me sleep...
:iconemo-artist-midnight:Emo-Artist-Midnight 1 2
KMintoxication by Shark-Bites KMintoxication :iconshark-bites:Shark-Bites 288 11 HURT by drixx-nudal HURT :icondrixx-nudal:drixx-nudal 15 2 Evolution of Vietnamese Clothing (and Ao Dai) by lilsuika Evolution of Vietnamese Clothing (and Ao Dai) :iconlilsuika:lilsuika 12,637 626 'Follow the Butterflies' by Vexic929 'Follow the Butterflies' :iconvexic929:Vexic929 333 65 Political Jokes by Vexic929 Political Jokes :iconvexic929:Vexic929 33 11 Peter Pan by Vexic929 Peter Pan :iconvexic929:Vexic929 196 287 Pocahontas by sakimichan Pocahontas :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 50,031 2,536 I Once Was An Angel by RobinBerglund I Once Was An Angel :iconrobinberglund:RobinBerglund 85 39
Remember the Angel?
Remember the angel that wiped your tears and made you brightly smile?
You always told her to let you be; you were always in denial.
Remember the angel that sang you to sleep and played with your hair?
You never cared to have her near you, though that smile was still there
Remember the angel that waited for you, the one who waited countless hours?
You never seemed to even notice, I guess that was your power
Remember the angel that saved your life, risking also her own?
You ran away and left her there, you left her there alone
Remember the angel that fell from heaven, only to be with you?
You marked her with your sin and made her feel brand new
Remember the angel with crystal eyes and long white hair let down?
You see how she feels alone; do you see that awful frown?
Remember the angel, please remember her now, can't you feel her love?
All of that was only for you , sent from above
Remember the angel, don't you remember the angel,
:iconsasurealian:Sasurealian 2,555 570
Julia by OlgaC Julia :iconolgac:OlgaC 1,662 91 If You Won't Fight For Me... by BlackFaeBird
Mature content
If You Won't Fight For Me... :iconblackfaebird:BlackFaeBird 45 34
Harley Quinn by drixx-nudal Harley Quinn :icondrixx-nudal:drixx-nudal 75 21



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