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Personally I'm quite bored using :love:

plus I already made fella's version but I myself didn't really use that one  Fella's LOVE by emocx

So I made a newer one with my EC. Definitely gonna use this as my main~!  I LOVE IT! by emocx

Ayy guys, feel free to use it too! It's free to use though :nod:
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how  do  we make these beautiful  animated icons pl z educate me .
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:iconemotication: is your friend! :la:
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What do I have to type to use this?
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Scroll down & you will see thumb code on the right page. Copy & paste the thumb code & that's it.

Or when typing a comment, click on "Add Media", and on the search, type "emocx". You will see most of my emoticons there & click what you desirable. Then click "Submit Comment".

Hope it helps^^
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you are most welcome I LOVE IT! 
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if what? 'o'
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Aww - what a sweet variation - that title is spot on   Love  Fella's LOVE   Tabbylove  I LOVE IT! by emocx
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hehehe..I've been using this since year 2014 (the plz is organized by me).
Next year you might see something new (probably) :meow:
Anyway, have a good day on your birthday! :hug:
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                                   Ha, ha, ha - that's clever!

                            Not to forget - Thank you! Tabby hug 
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you are most welcome my dear friend :huggle:
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You're cuter! :meow:
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:dignity-laugh: What you smoking? Derp  

I don't think your journal answers this, if so sorry, I did not see it when I checked but do you do emotes as commissions? :o 
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Will do in about an hr or so. About to get busy in a game and we are on a timer lol so I can't do much until we are done making use of the time window. :giggle:
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no worries^^
that's understandable :giggle:
take your time :nod:
note me whenever you are ready c:
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A bit late, haha but note sent! =D
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I'm clean lol. I'm not a smoker or a drinker :nod:
And what I say is true from the bottom of my heart :eyes:

Emotes commission? I can do that too! :typerhappy:
(Actually I do want to add emotes commission on update version of my commission journal but there might be a chance that no one will commish on that. But if anyone want to commish emoticon with me, they can ask me like what you do just right now^^)
Let me know what you want :eager:
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