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we're all alone now...
maybe you're not scared enough...
So I'll live in the west
and you'll die in the east
and I can tell you I'm comming back
but that's so hard to believe
cause we're growing so fast
and we're growing apart
I should let you go now
so it wont be so hard
So if you could turn the phone off
and kiss me one last time
I'll be on my way now
cause I've  always hated goodbyes...
maybe you're not scared enough...
you're all alone now...
:iconemocore:emocore 1 17
something in the air by emocore something in the air :iconemocore:emocore 4 24
our eyes never met
Our eyes never met
It was the way you lightly touched your cheek
as you timidly smiled
Because you knew I had my eyes on you.
Or the way I did the same.
But the soundtrack to the night sounding in my ears
and the darkness of the sky,
punctured with moonlight.
I breathed deep the damp air.
I blinked and you disappeared.
:iconemocore:emocore 0 27
good person bad direction
how much sexier could you get?
taking long hauls from your cigarette
and shaking that ass,you\'re always shaking that ass.
a line in the morning to start your day
a line at night to kill the pain
but it\'s always there. it\'s not going away.
the bottomless bottle of champagne
every night there\'s a different name
and new suit on your hotel room floor
and when he puts his tongue in your mouth
and you just want to bite it off
does he wisper and groan i love you?
and you throw up water, of a pale white color
your stomach cannot handle this much longer
it\'s as empty as you feel now
you can\'t take this anymore...
and even though the flash burns your eyes
you still smile for the cameras
and you find yourself asking
\"who is really happy anyway?\"
i know not me
:iconemocore:emocore 0 17
hips like cinderella
dyed jet black
covering those delicate brown eyes,
eyes that could slow time.
And I was taken in with every move you made
and every intelligent word you said
But i didn\'t care to think
and we didn\'t stop to breathe
you made my summer stop
in that one fleeting week
then you were gone...
But the time that we spent
with the hours in decent
were as perfect as i could ever ask.
And as I brushed your hair out of your face
and we laid on my roof and stared in wonderment into space
I told you how beautiful you are
and we just stayed there and looked up at the stars
then you were gone...
But I didn\'t care to think
and we didn\'t stop to breathe
and as i held you in the grass
we felt out time quickly pass
i walked you home and said \"goodbye\"
and now you\'re gone.
:iconemocore:emocore 0 21
love letters
and i am gone.
a letter
adressing every aspect
of a lasting love
as a dieing cause.
burning skin
may be the only comfort
on this temprate afternoons.
unfed hunger.
dalutes all senses
death is a state of mind.
sincerly yours she wrote
:iconemocore:emocore 1 22
a bitter resentment in Eminor
deemed suicide
condemned in the prelude
forewarned of bitter resolution
but brazen regards deter narrow disregards
congenial carbon copies
or so once conceived
pending drab altercation
built on frustration of jade presage.
now there\'s a new cancer
a brand new cold war.
just another pretty face
in our ever growing prosthetic world
so lets blame it on the stars now.
they\'re just not lining up quite right.
act first in resentment
and think only when you\'re dead.
:iconemocore:emocore 1 18
so i never forget
I breathe you in like a cigarette
a soft warm kiss,
a cool caress,
reflects a winter night I can\'t forget.
As I exhale nervously from my chest
my right hand on your shoulder,
you hand in my left,
and i feel your every shallow breath.
I see your solemn soothing silhouette,
standing silently settled, deep inset.
oh how I\'d love to see you next to me...
Now your scent still lingers on my skin.
your subtle taste,
still fresh on my lips,
and you would think there was nothing I miss...
...and you\'re right...
Now I drink to remember... I never forget...
:iconemocore:emocore 12 38
does this sound bitter
gonna burn holes in my lungs with cigarettes.
inhale calming chemicals, and exhale poison you.
(i know i dont smoke but it looks so damn cool nowadays....)
screaming at the walls while i hack away at my guitar.
broken blistered bleeding hands, and the music never stops.
(emo has never felt so good, or stained my pick guard so red...)
cutting off my hair with dirty dull razorblades.
(i\'d pull it out but my hands are still bleeding from the last stanza.)
a floor full of hair,thick black curls have outlived a pathetic style....
now do i sound bitter?
a sarcastic grin that you cant see.
a subtle sob that you cant hear...
human windchimes anyone?
:iconemocore:emocore 2 26
you set the sky one fire
paint it red and black
it cuts deep on day like this
waiting with you
wasting away with you.
you set the sky on fire
a sight so familiar to you
smell the summer pass us by
i hear you wispering hear you wispering...
tell me i\'m the only one
you\'ve ever loved,(and i)
and i will tell you the same...
(i want to hear you scream my name)
the sky burns for both of us
(a red so deep)
you\'re hotter than this crimson flame.
paint it red and black
you\'re disorderly and i\'m distraught
you lit this blue sky up
i\'m your gasoline and you\'re my alcohol
(light it up burn it down)
tell me i\'m the only one
you\'ve ever loved,
and i will tell you the same...
(i want to hear you scream my name)
the sky burns for both of us
(a red so deep)
you\'re hotter than this crimson flame.
(i want to hear you scream my name)
you\'re hotter than this crimson flame.
(i want to hear you scream my name)
you\'re hotter than this crimson flame.
(i want to hear you scream my name)
you\'re hotter than this crimson fla
:iconemocore:emocore 2 18
emocore  hearts beach ID by emocore emocore hearts beach ID :iconemocore:emocore 2 22
this is not to be confused
these b.r.o.k.e.n. words, leaves you blind.
this face, dripping with regret.
i tried you, know i tried.
but it gets tired and old.
bent doubled over, singled out.
show me how again, show me were to go.
i\'m lost in the only place i know.
what i once knew is new to me now.
when it comes back, you\'ll be nowere in sight.
i\'ll fight back words you dont want to hear,
i\'ll cover up what you dont want to see
i know you dont want to see inside.
so dont confuse this.
this is not to be confused with my heart,
it died long ago.
:iconemocore:emocore 1 13
raining me
with rain beating down, cascading down my face
there\'s no light, but street light....
reflecting through the drops as the fall carlessly, to the earth and die....
but not alone.
die the best way the know how....
the only way.....
that\'s how i want to live....
falling, not knowing were i will land.
and as the wind takes me to places i\'ve never been,
and may never see again.
i\'ll enjoy every second, right beside those closest to me.
and when i hit, i\'ll make the biggest splash.
:iconemocore:emocore 4 16
explanations are off,
just trust that this will work itself out.
breathe in smoke, blackens lungs,
dulls your vision.
replay your memories of broken heart.
leave your baggage with me,
i\'ll make sure it finds a home.
breathe again,
and let me be your breath of fresh air.
and let me breathe you in.
:iconemocore:emocore 3 11
happy emocore by emocore happy emocore :iconemocore:emocore 0 18
reward war kill the innocent
wage war! kill the innocent!
falling bombs dull their cries
spectral blasts ignite the skies
justify the unjust
there\'s no turning back!
inialate; iradicate.
take NO prisoners!
leave ALL to DIE!
slaughtered just to be free
amidst the shell and debris
inialate; iradicate.
die for the cause
Amidst the fighting and bloodshed thousands of innocent
civilians wait, hopelesly, helplesly, while armies, comanded
by the worlds TWO most dangerous men(BOTH extreamists), fight
for their own cause, for their own flag, for their own god.
Lohnkrieg, töten das unschuldige.
:iconemocore:emocore 1 14


Flutter by apinrise Flutter :iconapinrise:apinrise 5 54 Backlight by lyds Backlight :iconlyds:lyds 15 6 craft by fukcface craft :iconfukcface:fukcface 4 18
untitled - october
i. black cat.
i tried pretending to stare
at the floor, at my feet, at
anything but your sneakers on a
white linoleum square two tiles
away from me. that sort of
impossible distance
always means trouble.
i lifted two shaking hands
to my mouth so i wouldn't say
something stupid, like
"will you dance with me?"  
ii. monday.
how much can you say with nothing but words?
a million letters later, the clocks
said i should be sleeping.
on the other side of the screen, you
had no idea i calculated the
space between us.
iii. tunnel vision.
i know that concrete sepulcher
under the city like the pages
of the story. somewhere between
independence avenue and the mall, i
realized the answers slept on the
other side of the tracks. strange that
i didn't find it strange that
i would have waited all night for you.
iv. trigonometry.
funny how this was once
the coldest room, and my
pillow never saw me smile before.
foggy october mornings
bit at my cheeks and painted
my nose red; i just watc
:iconyourotherleft:yourotherleft 4 4
dark glowing embers
opposite the cold outside
i see the metal grate
turn red with excitement
indoors and warm against the snow
crumpled blankets
burn against the skin
as we serenade each other
in lustfull harmony
flames flickering against your skin
my hand creates shadpws
as i glide across
our bodies tight
against one another
our eyes locked
in definace of winter
frosty winter nights
spent with you
:iconpopsmear:Popsmear 1 6
Parasite by batcountry Parasite :iconbatcountry:batcountry 6 9
evans epic complete
biting away at the mourners stomachs
the feeling of loss and sorrow hangs heavily.
another nameless victim consumed
flesh and bone
in the feilds where all that blood was spilled
flesh and bone
and the rivers ran red for weeks
flesh and bone
and the many lakes were defiled by the carrion fowl
that swarmed to this great battlefield.
lured by flesh and bone.
and now the mourners watch.
as the casket descends
6 feet under
where it will be consumed
flesh and bone
and the messengers will run to the heartless generals
with news from the faceless soldiers
and cries from the many mourners.
with ravaged trees and swampy barrens
flesh and bone.
weep some more
for those innocents lost.
would you?
or can you not?
all those lives have gone away.
back at the rear
its a bright blue sky
until you reach
the front.
the faceless are gone
they all were just pawns for
those with rank and name.
would you cry for me?
for i am an innocent lost
in the dark
deserted ways
of forgotten streets.
in the
:icontheindiepunk:theindiepunk 2 5
the Negative Space III by neeta the Negative Space III :iconneeta:neeta 551 387 metro one by skhisma metro one :iconskhisma:skhisma 1 3
Your Bittersweet Answer
thinking about it at the stoplight made me confused
because somehow this time was different
somehow you made it sweeter
the way i saw you even though the room was pitch black
how your breathing in my ear said more than a million words ever could
when you stopped and kissed me for so long
how you stayed there longer and i felt your heartbeat
for the first time in much too long
our unspoken understanding that this isn't all we come for
even though at the door we said it was
the way you pulled me in for the goodnight kiss i always have to ask for
writing about it in my driveway made me smile
:iconpenny-lane:penny-lane 5 11
He Just Sat There by human-azazello He Just Sat There :iconhuman-azazello:human-azazello 39 96
paralysis in three parts
you let headlights scorch the back of your eyes as we round these unlit turns; you with your foot carving into the pavement as your beat-up sneaker touches the pedal as lightly as you know how, because there's no reason for you to drive me home yet.
i let streetlamps etch lines across my cheekbones; me with my blank stare scanning this bleached out sky for stars that manage to shine still over this nothing city and finding only blinking planes disappearing behind clouds i wouldn't have noticed, because i still haven't found a reason why i am alone tonight.
but now i know that shadows are nothing to be afraid of; they are merely an absence of light that reminds us what we are with no flesh to make us real or light to prove it or thoughts left inside at all, and this i have learned from too many nights sitting perfectly still, looking deeply into the air in front of my eyes, because i am no stranger to paralysis.
:iconyourotherleft:yourotherleft 1 4
Our Escape
I look at you and I think
This could be forever I think
With you I\'m not even scared
Of what happens when it ends
I can\'t wait to see you
In my every tomorrow
And you\'ve got me wrapped around your every word.
I can\'t even see past your blue eyes.
Are we happy?
Or are we just afraid of loosing our escape?
Will you make my summer last forever?
Will you catch me if I fall out of love?
Will you hold me,
Hold me back if I try to walk away?
And you\'ve got me wrapped around your every word.
The blood\'s rushing to my head
I can feel your skin on mine
Will you ask me,
Will you ask me to stay?
And you\'ve got me wrapped around your every word.
:iconpenny-lane:penny-lane 1 10
backwards layback
Every shallow breath explodes
as we spin faster than the stars.
Honey-scented and warm, the air collides
with frosty diamond lips.
As we spin faster than the stars,
the pearly galaxies of our skin shiver
with frosty diamond lips
pressed softly against shimmering satin.
The pearly galaxies of our skin shiver
as you whisper into my shoulder,
pressed softly against shimmering satin
with sighs soaked in every fluttering heartbeat.
As you whisper into my shoulder,
Honey-scented and warm, the air collides
With sighs soaked in every fluttering heartbeat.
Every shallow breath explodes.
:iconyourotherleft:yourotherleft 1 8
with out
i thought maybe there could have been some
thing between piles of worn-out gazes and fixed ex
pressions of quiet content as we rest on should
ers in left-alone corners but it's only getting late
r and we're only getting more and more tired and i just do
n't have the energy to throw my arms around you or whi
sper let's get out of here or wish i we
re somewhere else, so i do anyway.
you say you're beginning to thin
k maybe if you spin fast enough you would for
get that anything exists beyond your dizzy he
ad when your insides press so hard again
st the walls of your pale velvet sk
in that it stretches out past where you
r fingertips used to be.
but we both know it makes no differ
ence at all because for eve
ry empty room there's an emptier ghost wish
ing to fly away or to tell that secret we all heard ab
out the loneliest boy who waited too long for the love
liest girl.
:iconyourotherleft:yourotherleft 3 5
You Stand Alone by alkaline You Stand Alone :iconalkaline:alkaline 4 18



kenneth cunningham
Artist | Literature
Current Residence: new glasgow.(one big grave yard) fucking dead town.and the zombies arn't even cool. fuckers.
Favourite genre of music: indy,emo,hardcore,punk,post everything.
Favourite photographer: reeko
Shell of choice: like a crockodile i can fully digest a turtle shell
Favourite cartoon character: blake and fletch
Personal Quote: "i'm from off campus. WAY off campus!!"
we carried a 300lb speaker through 3' of snow so we could have good sound for out bands that were making the gruleing treck 2hrs through the snow to our nice little town.

it was rough to say the least.

BUT, the show went over so well and my band made lots of new friends.

it was very nice.

this is a very great start for a band that was formed to open for such amazing bands:

hot hot hot.

i've been writing but it's shit so i wont post it.


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