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Hey Guys!
A friend of mine talked to me about this.. so here it goes.. I'm publishing my thoughts of today on the Internet...

Thoughts that seem to have their own path in my life, wondering where they come from, what they mean but that mostly ends up in nothing.
As today, on my way home, I was thinking of the brain. How the brain, your mind, controls everything. A simple piece of your body, disguised under the flesh and although it’s just a small part of who you are, it decides everything you do. That small piece IS who you are today.

People who suffer from trauma will always try to get back to who they were before it all happened, before their mind got tainted by disease, pain and suffering but in the end.. they’ll fail. They will only put up a person who they WANT to be, and in the process they crave for it, wanting it so badly they start to believe that they are that person. That they have destroyed their disease, making them feel superior for just that moment. Enough mostly to stay in that moment. But reality is, that part just made who they are today, they only created this hard shell.

As we all don’t want to acknowledge pain and suffering, we tend to cover it up with an image so nobody will ask us about the pain. Just some of us pierce through that image and reach your soul, find the strength to help you to rip your image apart but that process takes years. For the unfortunate one among us, there is nobody who will help them. They are the only ones who can help themselves and as this industrial society takes shape, humanity as we know it starts to crumble, it’s only a matter of time for them to choose. Either you pick yourself up now and get over it now, or you won’t and you’ll simply be lost. Maybe forgotten after a while by your own shell.

I managed to slap myself a few times, as I will not be thrown into the depths of the darkness.
And I can only pray people will find the strength to do the same, and that counts for the people among us who don’t have anybody around them.
It’s starting, the change is starting and the society is crumbling. It’s only a matter of time now before Hell breaks loose and when that happens, we will be ready for it.
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And That it for now, I hope you have fun in our group :)

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SimonsArtbookService Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
I have a book that can be submitted. It's got the emotions of undying friendship, moral dilemmas, and role reversal.
It's called The Legend of Lammatto Grey: The Lost Lands
If you want to view it you may. If you want me to submit it to this group gallery, then all I need is ten Votes from you (One person can only vote once. Outside of group voters don't count, but they encourage me to write more). Just comment saying something like "I want you to submit this to the group Gallery." and you will have officially voted. Just don't forget to read it first.

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Hey, I have a poetry section of my magazine, if you are interested, check it out:
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i would say yes. it sounds to be a very fun contest
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we'r a small group just starting out and trying to start a lil revolution between emos and da anti emos^^;
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i can understand that :)
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the contest was awhile ago. i'm trying to get more points for another contest i'm trying to set up
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