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So, I decided to update my self-model with edited textures and some new accessories. I think I may work on the face a bit more, but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out!
I also added fingernails, because the base had none and it was driving me nuts.
I'm having a bit of a tearing issue on the shirt though. I notice it with the "Classic" motion. I assumed it was weighting issues (like it was weighted 100% to the upperbone and then the verts right above it were 100% to the upperbone 2 - but that didn't seem to be the case. I'll have to work with it a bit more. When college stops annihilating me.

Anyway, here's the parts and their creators!
Base (with head): balletjen (Cyberstep, Inc | MintoRin | Hiji-K | TDA | Chiethebeckon)
   NOTE* The texture is TDA, edited by Balletjen, and further edited by me with help from TentaKyutacle's base texture.
Hair (With Texutre): Xoriu and Montecore
Eyes: KisekiRaiko09 (Raiko09)
Pants: 9844
Shirt: Theshadowman97
Shoes: SkinnyMandria
Heart Ring: Cougi
Plain Ring: Shioku
Choker: PMXSenpai
Necklace: Cougi
I <3 Boobies: Chickid11
Studded Bracelet: nickv13, xNeonPistolx
Nails: Azyazya
Kitty Earrings: xXMewMellowXx
Cartilage and Earring: TehPurosien

I will not send you a part if the original creator has taken it down. Please do not harass creators. There may be some users who have changed their names. You should still be able to find them, if not, sorry.
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