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Rest in peace Chester Charles Bennington!!!

(March 20, 1976-July 20, 2017)


- Characters with more art will be more money/points
- A lot of these are my old loved characters, so my prices may differ
- If you want one, please offer or ask what i am looking for in the comments
So I'm thinking of starting up some contests again but this time it won't be divided into three mediums it'll just be all in one. Anywho, for future prizes I was thinking of doing some emo merch and I'm curious as to which bands and anything emo that people would like as prizes for these future contests. As well as if subscribed accounts and DA points mean anything to people. So let me know, what prizes would you like for future contests?
Did they even notice the tears I left behind?
Did they see my pain was not hard to find?
Did they stare at the scars on my arms?
Did they stare at a demon when reborn?

NO! No one noticed the tears on her cheeks.
The pain was hers and hers to seek.
The scars were a story no one cared.
The demon she hid was always there.
When anyone tells you your not worth the time, you shouldn't listen to the ones who stab you in the heart where it hurts the most, i love you all very much and i hope you all know that :)

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