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Next Convention: TBA in 2019!

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2018 has been quite a year for me and many others I know. Everyone has experienced one or more things this year that have made any amount of impact in their various individual lives. Whether all the negative and positive circumstances combined helped them all increase or decrease in personal growth varies on individual opinions. Life continues to change at a consistent rate and this year was no exception for anyone.

A recap of my own personal life throughout the twelve months of the year 2018 can be summed up into one single word: New. But, allow me to explain further.

The first month of 2018 mostly started off as more of an extension period of the last month of 2017 for the first week or two which consisted of experiencing new feelings of a self-hating toxic mentality after very necessarily leaving a short-lived and mostly negative bond. However, what very shortly came from that new set of feelings was a much needed epiphany that brought in more new feelings of freedom and forced self-confidence to replace the previous ones. Those feelings were basically my new motivation in encouraging myself to push past my anxiety and to attempt the things I’ve wanted to do which I was always told a majority of the list was either weird or not worth it. My first start to crossing the goals off what could be considered my new year’s resolution bucket list was attempting ice skating by attending a cosplay meetup down in south jersey. The genuine encouragements and conversations I had that day along with my small successful attempts at the new activity are what really encouraged me to continue going through my list, not for anyone else’s approval but for my very own. For the remaining weeks of January along with a few months afterward things were only going positive, to an extent, as I got to experience a variety of new things in life like caring for a new mini-cactus and trying my hand at cosplay photo editing.

However, I was still not completely genuinely happy despite what I thought at the time and it seems like life knew exactly what remaining was holding me back because around mid-march it threw an expected but very new set of new feelings and situations my way that set up the biggest new experience journey of 2018 I had. What started as a pure accident during a lunch hangout brought my long time fear to reality of having my mouth’s appearance more distorted then before. It was at this moment that my social anxiety gained a new level of uncomfortableness by mostly fearing the future social reaction to it all and so for a few days I had isolated myself to my apartment with the logic “If no one can see me, no one can hurt me.” Which I would love to add to the list by saying it is a new logic formed only by this situation, but unfortunately I’ve had that occasional mentality since I was very young. I was basically forced out of that depressive state around the end of March on Palm Sunday by what I can only describe at the time as the most unbearable and new physical pain I’ve ever gone through personally. It was this pain situation that led me to do something I didn’t usually do which is lowered my pride and let myself ask for the desperate help I needed which ultimately was a blessing in disguise. From that day on until early to mid-May I was faced practically every week with having to deal with recovering from the past intense traumas my abusive childhood dentist scarred within me but with new faces between a team of dentists who were patient every step of the way of restoring my broken smile after hearing my story. This ultimately led to my first ever surgery and newly experiencing the procedure of one along with my reaction to the anaesthetic gas I was put under.

After my surgery and short days recovery period, I realized that the feelings of confidence I had previously weren’t all completely real and that the months following my surgery to even today with my new smile unlocked the true confidence I didn’t know or rather ignored that I had within myself for so long. I continued to live my life trying new experiences of various categories to gain my own happiness that I told myself I would do from the very start but this time it had a more genuine meaning to it.

Overall it’s been basically the greatest year of my life and I can say that now because I accepted the negatives and positives of these many days, weeks, and months that I’ve been put through that helped me grow mentally and physically stronger. I don’t regret a single thing I’ve done this year after looking back on it all and to be honest I would do it all over again in the exact same way in a heartbeat. I especially am grateful and appreciate the wonderful friends and family I have who have been around for a long time or a short one who have watched and helped me grow through these new experiences this year. I believe now more than ever that the people you surround yourself with are very important to your growth. Surround yourself with those who raise you up and not the ones who put you down at every turn. This year was honestly the most fun I’ve had in a long time and it’s honestly due to everything but mostly everyone for giving me the opportunities to say that. If it wasn’t for all of the wonderful people around me I couldn’t imagine where my life would have ended up this year and for that I have just one thing to say…

Thank you to everyone! I genuinely mean that a whole lot.

I can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store for everyone including myself with the people and experiences we have yet to meet! Constantly strive for your own happiness despite the many obstacles that may come along the way so that you can look back at it all with great fondness whether it be through yourself, people, education, careers, hobbies or travel. I’ve said it before but any tiny progress any of you make towards your own self happiness is already something I am incredibly proud of you for. Not every lesson in life will be easy but not every lesson will be hard either so never stop learning and never stop growing as we only get to carry this life once! It’s never too late to start something new; a new year is almost here.

                                         49167892 2118293414859821 2850133584591716352 N by EMMYtheK

  • Listening to: I Have Questions by Camila Cabello
  • Drinking: Coca-Cola
Hello there everyone, Emmy here! 

Over the past weekend, I attended a 3-day convention down the shore in Atlantic City, NJ by the name of AnimeNEXT! I stayed at the Bally's hotel/casino with my cosplay partner K and our mutual friend from Thursday night until Monday night to attend the convention while also being able to explore what the city had to offer. 


Shortest story of the whole weekend. From the hours of 5 PM - 10 PM AnimeNEXT had an early badge pickup for attendees who pre-registered before the convention. The pickup day is like the unofficial start of the convention where everyone usually casual cosplays and catches up on seeing old friends while waiting on line. We were all planning to get there around the time pickup was in action but we unfortunately didn't make it in time due to some set backs. I was casual cosplayed, in case we did make it, as Blake Belladonna from RWBY.

18921722 1464701800218989 6672519532302228550 N by EMMYtheK

My friends and I got on the road to start heading to Atlantic City at around 9:45 / 10 PM. We arrived at Bally's and checked in around 1:30 AM. Good news we received from the front desk is we got upgraded to a slightly bigger room with bigger sized beds! After settling into our room, we all were so tired after being on the road so much (especially our mutual friend who did most of the driving) we all immediately got into PJ's and went straight to bed! XD 

18952594 10212759379637282 5409527717884218280 N by EMMYtheK
A photo K took of me goofing around in the room while being so tired! ;P 


Our first official day of being in Atlantic City and of the convention itself! Check out the view from our hotel room we woke up to down below! 

18951137 1465738546781981 4407470394063749929 N by EMMYtheK

I planned to do two cosplays (one in the morning until 5/6 PM and another afterwards) on this day and do the same on Saturday. Once we woke up, I immediately changed into my first cosplay of the day which was Cana from Fairy Tail! K ended up going as a casual Cinderella since her other cosplays she wanted to wear had some malfunctions happening. 

19030378 1464702260218943 242713461542728660 N by EMMYtheK

Once we all were ready to leave, we headed out of our room to the lobby of Bally's and grabbed some breakfast at the Dunkin' Donuts they recently put in.  

When we finished our quick breakfast, we headed outside to start walking the few blocks to the convention center. While walking, we got stopped by a random guy who works at a nearby pizza place on the boardwalk and asked about what music should he play to get the convention crowd over to his pizza place. We gave him suggestions of Vocaloid and some other trending songs he could play to attract the crowd over since everyone who showed a badge from the convention gets a free slice of pizza! He then thanked us and we continued our way to the convention center.

We got to the convention center and went to Hallway C, where the lines to get your badge were formed and split between pre-registration and regular registration. K and I went to the pre-registration line while our mutual friend went onto the registration line since he doesn't like to pre-register for conventions. 

After 2-3 hours of waiting on what us convention goers call Line Con, all three of us had our badges! ^_^

While putting on the badges we decided to find a place to sit down and relax to discuss the plan for the day. Once settled in the lobby K and I ran into our friend, Frank, who was dress in a Assassin Creed cosplay. He joined us for a majority of the first half of the day. 

Once plans were made all four of us headed for our first stop, the gaming room! We mostly went to check it out and K really wanted to see and play the Taiko Drum game. We waited our turn on line then our mutual friend and Frank ended up playing a round each with K who is quite skilled at the Taiko Drum game

19029753 10212759369637032 8247170235340964804 N by EMMYtheK
Photo taken by K while waiting on line for Taiko Drums!

We explored around a bit afterwards just doing random things like buying some items from the dealers room/artist alley. K had a goal to buy almost every sticker she could find in the massive area of a room!

I was going to join in a Fairy Tail meetup as well but I was so socially awkward I didn't end up going into the group. 

Around this time, we started getting hungry and decided it was time to head back to the hotel room to relax. We waited outside and took the shuttle bus for the trip back to Bally's.

19059664 10212759367396976 5280622453452323082 N by EMMYtheK

Once we got back to the room, we took a few photos of my Cana cosplay before I changed into my next cosplay.

18922024 1464702193552283 4908141009231566766 N by EMMYtheK
Locked in the shower forever!!!!

19030666 1464701976885638 3001799920901689974 N by EMMYtheK
Why did I drink most of the bottle!?

Afterwards, I changed into Mystery Girl from Steven Universe

18952832 1464702353552267 82032105162710917 N by EMMYtheK 

We then headed to grab some food at Johnny Rockets in Bally's

18951008 10212759365236922 1839571677760979802 N by EMMYtheK
Me discovering how hard it is to eat with a fake lip piercing on lol XD

After our meal, we then went back to the convention through shuttle bus and bumped back into our friend Frank who went with us to watch Uncle Yo's final performance at AnimeNEXT. He is retiring from comedy for financial reasons after doing these last few shows he has lined up this year so it was indeed a bittersweet panel. 

Once we all said our goodbyes and such to him, K , Frank and our mutual friend wanted to watch a panel I wasn't interested in all that much. I compromised I just head down and wait for them in the lobby until the panel is over. K and our mutual friend agreed but Frank wasn't gonna let me go walking alone in the convention due to knowing how unsafe it could be from past friend experiences. 

He and I walked down to the lobby together and sat by the lounge area just talking about random subjects such as life events and funny stories. Little detail beforehand, We've been pretty good friends for a while and have this thing where it's pretty normal for us to have conversations with each other for long periods of time where we block out anything else around us besides what the other is saying. However, because of this little trait I ended up missing K's texts and calls looking for me after the panel ended and didn't notice until she scolded me and Frank with our mutual friend once we met up in the lobby. Granted, after the scolding we did all laugh about it! 

1 by EMMYtheK
K took this photo while all four of us were in a conversation and I was looking up something.

After talking with each other for about an hour or so, we all waited for the shuttle bus outside and all three of us headed back to Bally's while our friend Frank took a taxi back to his hotel. 

We stopped by the gift shop before heading back to our room where I got recognized as Mystery Girl! K bought some stuff for souvenirs and some essentials. After she had bought her items, we headed to the elevators to go to our room where we basically just dressed into our PJ's, watched TV and went to bed. 


For the beginning half of this day I cosplayed as Mako from Kill La Kill while K was Serena from Pokemon. We were up quite early and got ready very quickly into both our cosplays. We headed down a few blocks to another Dunkin' Donuts for breakfast which is where we took this bunny filtered selfie below! 

 19113554 10212759361796836 7212055140901408038 N by EMMYtheK

After breakfast, we headed to CVS to grab a few things we realized we needed at the hotel. Once we bought the items we realized it was too much to carry to the convention so we made another walking trip back to the hotel. 

19105579 1465737913448711 8327240268374712429 N by EMMYtheK
Posing before we have to cross the road!

18952951 1465738936781942 1460323979414761535 N by EMMYtheK
Back at the hotel!

18951121 1465738493448653 2455765884626728337 N by EMMYtheK
Bed selfie before we leave to go to the convention!

Afterwards, we headed to the convention center to attend the official second day. 

We pretty much walked around the Dealer's Room/Artist Alley and the lobby for a majority of the first half of the day. I ran into another Mako cosplayer in passing but didn't get a photo together unfortunately! >_< I did however take some photos of some interesting cosplayers I found walking around! 

19030572 1465737923448710 2375116796375268844 N by EMMYtheK 
Padparadscha from Steven Universe cosplayer (@itsjojoho on Instagram) who was so sweet and beautiful!

19029565 1465738043448698 6118308048230384581 N by EMMYtheK
Super Monkey Ball unknown cosplayers who were awesome!

After spending a few hours walking around we decided to eat a bit at the convention before heading back to the hotel so I can change into my next cosplay of the day and to relax a bit! 

My next cosplay change was Sport Princess Daisy!

19060068 1465740550115114 2507062176963869272 N by EMMYtheK

We headed back to the convention after hanging out a bit in our hotel room. Which was pretty much doing the same thing we were doing of walking around and then chilling in one of the empty hallways taking photos and just being silly.

18813214 1465740366781799 1289027720584889715 N by EMMYtheK

19105481 817509351740123 896755784509554282 N by EMMYtheK
Thinking before my flying fish ride arrives! 

We went back into the Dealer's Room/Artist Alley at one point where we ran into a friend of mine who K and I met at a recent BloomFest event quite some time ago who was cosplayed as The Great Fairy from Legend of Zelda. 

18951309 1465737966782039 6925889991528777873 N by EMMYtheK
(@miizahime on Instagram)

While exiting the Dealer's Room/Artist Alley afterwards Princess Daisy got a lovely bow from a wonderful unknown Luigi cosplayer! Funny story is we saw each other on opposite sides of the elevator at one point and were reaching out for each other. Then this poor girl ran all the way up the other side and searched until she found me a few minutes later and said she really needed to take a photo with me since she planned on taking pictures with every Daisy cosplayer she could find! O_O Hours later we were on two different lines for separate panels and reached out for each other again which was fun joking around like that since we kept getting separated. XD

19113909 1465738063448696 7600971825332546680 N by EMMYtheK

We then found out moments later that K and I had a friend (@ kaf_ukulele on Instagram) who was running a creepy pasta Nintendo panel in a few minutes. We ran into Frank again once we decided this decision and he accepted our invitation to join us. The panel itself went great overall aside from a bit of technical difficulties with the videos not playing on some slides. 

19030354 1465738106782025 8934904850759588515 N by EMMYtheK

We left the panel about 5 minutes before it was finished since we wanted to go watch a cosplay panel similar to the show Baggage which was going to start in a few. K was really excited about the panel and loved it very much until we all got tired and really just wanted to go back to the hotel and sleep. We left when the 3rd round had just started and do not regret it at all since Frank pointed out we truly looked like we were going to collapse any second. 

We went outside and waited for the shuttle after saying goodbye and headed back to our hotel room. K got a random burst of energy and wanted to explore the casino and go gambling once we entered our hotel room. I was exhausted and not really into the casino scene aside from the slot machines. Because of that, K and our mutual friend went down to the casino and grabbed pizza from the boardwalk while I relaxed and went to bed. We didn't really see each other until the next morning. 


No costume changes for the final day of the convention! I decided to bring out my best/ most popular cosplay for last. Centipeetle from Steven Universe was such a success at Castle Point Anime Convention way back that I knew I had to bring her out again for AnimeNEXT! This time I carried some chaps that I had on hand too!

19060126 817859975038394 2081745537043978078 N by EMMYtheK

Our first stop for breakfast was our usual Dunkin' Donuts to which was quite a walk away as it normally is. I followed the advice of many and stayed hydrated and kept in the shade since walking around in a full winter bodysuit and covered from head to toe isn't easy in the summer. I kept the head off until anyone asked for a picture which was the easiest way to stay cool I discovered. Despite the difficulties, I was very willing to make it work to wear her on this day and it was totally worth it.

19059391 1466457060043463 6793000819532186775 N by EMMYtheK

The cosplay got the attention I expected from others and our group got stopped a lot which K, who cosplayed as Serena again, loved because she knows the popularity of the character and how hard I worked on getting the cosplay to the way I wanted it to be.

We ran into Frank again during our trip into the Dealer's Room/Artist Alley for one final look around and he joined us for the remainder of the convention. He even stated how great it was the cosplay is a huge success and even was helping holding my stuff when taking a photo since none of my friends wanted it all to get lost. 

K and I took a few videos and photos for her snap chat where she is Serena interacting with Centipeetle. to which I'm pretty sure other's recorded/ took photos of since I heard other's saying awe and oh my god that is so cute as well as finding some candid shots on Instagram while scrolling through the AnimeNEXT2017 hashtag. XD

18952624 1466458136710022 7606941603760809818 N by EMMYtheK

Once the convention was officially over, we headed back to the hotel room through shuttle bus to change and relax before dinner tonight. We've been planning to go to the Rainforest Cafe for a while and finally had time and the motivation to do so. 

After changing into some casual clothes and relaxing a bit we made a reservation for dinner at the Cafe at 7PM. We stayed watching TV and joking around in the room until 6:30 PM then headed straight over to the boardwalk to walk to the Rainforest Cafe

19030652 1466620846693751 2447873254733238812 N by EMMYtheK

The restaurant itself was gorgeous to experience in reality and sitting by the misty fountain was such a bonus! The waitress was so nice and sweet to us. She at one point accidentally spilled our mutual friend's drink on me to which I was completely laughing at the situation (I've only heard of things like this happening in movies but never experienced it before) and saying no worries but she was absolutely apologetic and offering to clean it up with some napkins and some help while my friends were freaking out saying I should ask for free drinks or for them to give the meal on the house. I explained I knew people in the service industry and sometimes accidents happen like that so I wasn't going to force them to give me anything since 1) it was purely an honest accident by the waitress and 2) The waitress was already beating herself up for the mistake I'm not going to make her feel more worse then what she is already feeling by demanding things of her. They didn't seem to get my point of view so it lead to a bit of a simple disagreement conversation which ended quickly when the waitress returned with a bunch of napkins and a new drink for our mutual friend. 

19106019 1466621806693655 8993125587263972086 N by EMMYtheK

The food was amazing and the drinks were very tasty, mix everything with the background elements is simply a wonderful place to experience!

When it came to desert we ordered a volcano surprise which oh my goodness was a lot to my taste buds but was amazing overall! 

18952690 1466621820026987 6294721898766344229 N by EMMYtheK

We finished our dinner at the Rainforest Cafe and payed our checks. Afterwards, we walked while exploring the boardwalk at the same time back to Bally's. We went up to our hotel room and basically hung out for a bit before heading to bed.


Our final day in Atlantic City was more a lay back and just hang out sort of day. 

We woke up around 10:30 AM and started packing up and getting ready for check out. We had the bell hop service store our stuff on a cart for until we came back from the day plan we had to go enjoy the beach and boardwalk for a few hours after checking out.

19029590 1467642696591566 3310289042456323392 N by EMMYtheK
Selfie at the Beach!

19225067 1467642683258234 302031287670514014 N by EMMYtheK
So much ocean! Officially feels like Summer! <3

19059651 1467642739924895 5190913466258276374 N by EMMYtheK
Attempted to write AnimeNEXT 2K17 but it doesn't show up too well on camera. XD

We ate some pizza on the boardwalk and then headed back to the hotel so we can change out of our swimsuits in the public casino bathroom (which wasn't allowed but it was a stupid last minute choice). K and our mutual friend wanted to gamble their last reaming poker chips so they went to the casino while I went to buy some last minute things from the hotel gift shop. I explored around a bit and found an cool arcade in a place no one really visits in the back of the hotel. 

19029538 1467642753258227 9026399235592587289 N by EMMYtheK

I spent a few minutes in the arcade just having fun and texting my other best friend about it all since she and I have a shared love of arcade places. After a while, K and our mutual friend were finished and we made plans to meet up at the Dunkin Donuts before leaving. We met up, got our things out of storage, got the car out of valet parking and loaded it up before we were officially ready to leave. We drove to our usual Dunkin Donuts a few blocks away as one final tribute before heading out on the road back home! 

Overall, it was a very fun packed weekend and I can't wait for next year! <3

Directly after AnimeNEXT had ended one of best friends (The one I talked to about the arcade) and I made plans on Tuesday night to visit my brother's job to watch the new Black Butler: Book of Atlantic movie. I casual cosplayed as Sebastian and even got compliments from some other fans who recognized who I was cosplayed as especially with the contract mark on my left hand. c: 

19224898 819666264857765 2102681367616950133 N by EMMYtheK

19225082 1469622939726875 6660040944108782776 N by EMMYtheK

Overall the movie was everything we expected and we absolutely loved it! <3

Lastly, I would like to apologize for the lack of journal update from when I attended my last convention before this one, CloverCon, back in May. Long story short, I ended up attending the convention alone due to my cosplay partner, K, feeling unwell and my other friends having prior plans that day. I have social anxiety that is usually handled better when with friends or family, but since I was alone, mostly, things didn't go too well. I ended up staying only an hour which is a personal record for myself that I'm proud of. Main reason I went at all was due to the money I spent for pre-registration and that I was already in costume when I got the news K couldn't make it. For those of you curious I was cosplayed as Beth from Bravest Warrior. Check out the picture my dad got before we headed home down below!: 

2017 14 Beth - CloverCon by EMMYtheK

Hope you all have a wonderful day! <3 
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  • Drinking: Iced Tea


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