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Tell me yet another Christmas Story
"Daddy, tell us a story."
He didn't even try to dissuade her this time.  It occurred to him that his daughter was at an age where there probably wouldn't be too many more years of her wanting a bedtime story at all, so he should cherish these times while he could.  Besides, while it was Christmas Eve again, Joy was a clever little elf and had asked for her story before bedtime rolled around, while they were still all gathered around the tree, enjoying the evening after watching her favorite Christmas film (A Muppet Christmas Carol).  Admittedly, it may have been his favorite as well.
The "us" she referred to may have been in regards to her mother, who was sitting close by them in the rocking chair, but he thought it more likely that she meant her baby brother Henry (named after his wife's father) who was currently nestled in their mother's arms.  Joy had taken to being a big sister even better than they could have ever hoped, doting on the lad and proudly showing hi
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Beyond the Laughing Sky part 10
Professor Porter stayed in the galley long enough to make tea and set out some ginger biscuits, but while he was endeavoring to be a good host, they both knew his mind was still on the race.  That was why Reginald thanked him, but assured the Professor they would be just fine on their own.  After all, if it were him, he knew he'd want to be in the thick of things.
That they would also prefer privacy in case either of them broke down in hysterics was left unsaid, but the Professor was a smart man, even if he was eccentric and absentminded, and he knew what they weren't saying.  He magnanimously gave them full run of the ship (a bit of a sly tone in his voice when he said that he knew they'd wander all about anyway if they wanted, going by prior experience) and told them to eat and drink as much as they liked, before heading back to the cockpit.
While the table and chairs in the galley were all bolted down, as was right and proper regulations, Alice still fe
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Tell me another Christmas Story
"Daddy, tell me a story."
There were a lot of things he could have said, mostly along the lines of it already being past her bedtime, and that the sooner she fell asleep the sooner she would wake up and it would be Christmas.  But if there was one thing he had learned as a father, it was that excuses like that never worked, and that his daughter could be remarkably stubborn when she wanted to be.  His wife claimed that that was all his doing.  He had also learned a few things as a husband, and therefore he didn't contradict her.
"Of course, sugar plum," he told her, adjusting her quilt and smoothing down her hair.  "What sort of story would you like?"
"A Christmas one," she replied, as if it were the most obvious answer in the world.  And really, it rather was.  "Do you have any more Christmas stories with Alice and the Mad Hatter?"
Ah, one of those kinds of stories.  She was in luck, as he had quite a few of those k
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BtLS: A Halloween Love Story
After all the chills and thrills of Halloween, All Saint's Day was very quiet by comparison.  But neither Reginald nor Alice were complaining.  After deciding that he didn't feel like opening the hat shop that day, Reginald declared that they should simply rest and enjoy the peace, and maybe have a soothing cup of tea or two to settle their stomachs after having a few too many sweets.
Alice had no objections to the plan, and they whiled away the hours sitting at the kitchen table, drinking tea and exchanging stories about various Halloween's they had experienced.  There was a pause in the storytelling when Reginald went to retrieve the mail.  He was reading a letter when he returned, a smile on his face.  He sat back down and thanking Alice absently as she refilled his teacup.  Though her curiosity was piqued, she waited until he'd set the letter down before asking who it was from.
"Some old friends of mine.  I was w
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Beyond the Laughing Sky part 9
When Alice was younger she spent a lot of time at her uncle's home out in the country.  She'd enjoyed her visits very much.  Her father's older brother had no children of his own (his wife had died some years ago, and he'd never remarried) and so bestowed all his paternal affection onto his nieces.  He and Alice had always been "thick as thieves" as her mother put it, with equal parts exasperation and affection for both parties, as she herself was fond of her brother-in-law, even if she did find he'd become a tad eccentric as her got older.
She'd spent a lot of time there when her older sister was being courted by her future husband.  Curious as always, she'd gotten underfoot and in the way and interfered, at least according to her sister.  Considering what a delicate process courting was (and also considering how wealthy the suitor was) Alice's parents wanted nothing to disrupt what they saw as an extremely advantageous match, and so p
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Beyond the Laughing Sky part 8
"Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the annual chance to see great victories and even greater defeats!  A time for a brave few to risk their reputations for a chance to pioneer the next wave of airship technology!"
"More like risk their necks, you mean.  I haven't seen a bunch so eager to make fools of themselves since we last saw that bear attempting to tell jokes."
"Look on the bright side; at least we're out of the theater."
"Even better, the bear isn't!"
"Doh ho ho ho ho!"
No one was quite sure how the two old gentlemen had gotten the job of being the radio announcers for the airship rally.  They had been doing it since the first rally, and while every year there were those who believed they should be fired (mostly the pilots, who got very tired of being disparaged and heckled) they proved to be so popular with the audience that they were rumored to have lifetime contracts which would guarantee them a job every year for as long as there was a rally. 
:iconemmyscarlet:EmmyScarlet 6 3
Beyond the Laughing Sky part 7
It was Gaston who first set things in motion.  That should have been her first clue that nothing good could come of it.  After all, how could anything even remotely connected to the hunter ever turn out well?
She knew about the airship rally, of course.  Who hadn't?  It was one of the biggest events of the year.  It allowed professional inventors and amateur tinkerers alike to show off their latest creations and modifications, in hope of catching the eye of the people at large, and creating interest in their product.  And hopefully making them a great deal of money.
And naturally, there was also the rivalries, both new and old, who took out their aggressions in the sky, hoping to trounce their competition and leaving them a metaphorical (and in some sinister cases, literal) wreck.  And that wasn't even getting into all the betting that went on, both legal and illegal.  Fortunes had been made and lost at the
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Tell me a Christmas story
"Daddy, tell me a story."
"You know, I have strangest feeling that we've been here before."
"Come on, Daddy.  Please?  Tell me a Christmas story."
Honestly, there should be a law against having such eyes, and being able to use them in such a manner.  He pitied the lads who would be coming round when his daughter was older; she would break all their hearts.  That was, presuming, he let any lads get close enough to be in heartbreak range, which he had no intention of allowing to happen.  Really, it was a service, and not just him being a stereotypical overprotective father, as his loving wife often told him.
Still, he had to make at least one last rally, if only for his pride.  "It's Christmas Eve, precious.  You should be asleep.  Don't you know the earlier you get to sleep, the sooner you'll wake up and it'll be Christmas?  Besides, Santa Claus can't come until you're fast asleep."
It was an unusu
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BtLS: Halloween
"There, I think that's the last of them.  Good thing, too.  We're completely out of candy."
"We wouldn't be, if you hadn't helped yourself to every other piece.  How you're not completely ill now is a mystery I dare not even try to contemplate.  More tea, Hare?"
It was rather cozy, all of them sitting around the table, bathed in the soft glow of candlelight.  Even the jack-o-lantern, which Reginald had brought in with him along with the empty candy bowl, looked cheerful and content.  
Hare had wandered over some hours earlier to spend the evening, as he often did.  Tonight being Halloween, one might have thought he would stay home to pass out candy to the little ghosts and goblins who chose the neighborhood as their haunting ground, but for some reason the young monsters always avoided Hare's shop.  Alice really couldn't blame them.  She'd grown to like Hare, but even still, he often unn
:iconemmyscarlet:EmmyScarlet 4 10
Beyond the Laughing Sky part 6
To say that Alice was a little suspicious would have been a vast understatement.  To say she was –a lot- suspicious still may not quite have covered it.  She wasn't certain there was a measurement of suspicion large enough to covey just how convinced she was that Reginald was Up To No Good.
Not that this was really anything new.  As a supposed evil scientist cum inventor for the city's underworld, he was quite often up to no good.  But that was the usual sort, not the kind that needed the Capital Letters of Importance.  And oh dear, she was starting to use some of his phrases.  That wasn't at all good.  If she started talking like Reginald, she honestly didn't know what she would do.  She could barely handle him speaking that way.
But to get back to her earlier ponderings, there was definitely Up To No Good-ness going on.  She suspected that it had to do with whatever his secret project was,
:iconemmyscarlet:EmmyScarlet 4 3
Mature content
Hero and Villain :iconemmyscarlet:EmmyScarlet 13 23
Beyond the Laughing Sky part 5
It was a dark and stormy night.
The world was dim and indistinct, what little lamplight from without no more helpful than an ephemeral will o' the wisp, and those within shuddering from drafts as if the wind scared them.
The gale itself would make any body shiver, the way it howled and lamented like the wails of a thousand lost souls, buffeting and scrabbling at every nook and cranny, phantom fingers trying to find a way in.  The rain came down with a sound so deafening as to almost rival the thunder, which increased in volume seemingly to simply spite the rain which had the gall to try and outclass the majestic thunder.  Lightning flashed in solidarity of its beloved thunder, granting a few moments of blinding light before leaving the world even darker than before.  All these forces clashing together made for a fearful, ghostly atmosphere, the type of setting where one could believe almost anything might be lurking just out of sight, having waited for the
:iconemmyscarlet:EmmyScarlet 7 5
Hatter Prompt: Paintball gun
It had seemed like a good idea at the time.
But then again, that was true for many of the things that his mind came up with.  And for most of them, Reginald still believed they were good ideas, if not ones that he thought of at the particularly right time.  Honestly, one of these days he would find someone willing to donate their swimming pool in the pursuit of science, and whether one really could swim in green jell-o.  The best he'd been able to manage so far was a child's wading pool filled with blue jell-o, which was simply not the same.  Besides, it had to be green jell-o, or it was just silly otherwise.  Though the jury was still out on whether or not to include the chunks of canned pineapple.
He shook his head, which felt odd without his signature hat.  But he could not afford to get distracted.  This was war!  And in war one could not let ones mind wander off down some strange path simply because it
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Tell me a story
"Daddy, will you tell me a story?"
There was really only one answer for such a question, and the little girl's father knew that.  It didn't even matter that she asked with that irresistible pout, and those eyes of hers (so much like her mother's, it was astounding) pleading in a thoroughly shameless manner that only children could get away with.  Well, perhaps that pout and those eyes had a little bit to do with it, especially since they both knew she should have been asleep already.
"Of course!  What kind would you like?"  
"Something new."
Not that she was asking for anything difficult.  But as the girl's father pondered her request, he realized there was one story he hadn't told her yet.
"All right, I've just the ticket," he said, before clearing his throat and launching into what he called his 'Storyteller' voice.  "Once Upon a Time, there was a girl-"
"Was she a princess?"
"Oh no, she was something much better. 
:iconemmyscarlet:EmmyScarlet 18 9
Beyond the Laughing Sky part 4
"What are you doing, Reginald?"
It was a question Alice was becoming very familiar with.  It had been over two weeks since she began working at the Mad Hatter's, and in that time she had asked that question or various permutations thereof at least several times a day.  Nor would it be the last time she would make such an enquiry.  She kept count for a while, but eventually lost track and decided it did no earthly good to try anyway, as obviously it would be something she would be asking for all eternity.
In point of fact, she had to ask it again almost immediately, as Reginald didn't seem to hear her at first.  Considering most of his concentration was on carrying a rather heavy-looking kitchen sink, she couldn't really blame him for being distracted.
"Hmm?"  he said, before Alice's words sunk in.  "Oh, I'm just getting the joke out of the way firsthand.  How's business been today?  Any sales?"
"Two ladies
:iconemmyscarlet:EmmyScarlet 13 7
Beyond the Laughing Sky part 3
It was even worse than she thought it would be.  The black motorcycle looked like it was being held together by nothing more than a great deal of willpower.  She had a horrible vision of the sidecar coming loose completely and careening down the street.  But then she reminded herself of who Reginald was.  If he was as much as a genius as he claimed to be, surely appearances were deceiving.  There were probably built in rockets or some such nonsense, and if one had that kind of artillery, certainly there were safety precautions as well.
"Where in the world did you find such a contraption?"  Alice asked, as Reginald fitted her with his spare helmet, adjusting the straps for optimal comfort, and bringing down the goggles so as to protect her eyes.  He'd apologized that it was such a utilitarian black color, and promised he'd get a prettier one later.  Maybe a nice pale blue.  He helped her into the s
:iconemmyscarlet:EmmyScarlet 11 13


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Hey guys,

So, I was finally getting ready to put all my ducks in a row, and at least get some preliminary work done on the last chapter for this section of "Beyond the Laughing Sky."  I really should have known better, because of course that would be when life decided to throw me a curveball.

The long and short of it is, I'm moving.  And we have to be packed and out by the beginning of June.  Still, I thought, when this all began in April, that gives me a few days window before the insanity of packing starts.  Which meant of course those days I wasn't around, because we had to have the house tented for termites.  

Look, my point is, I simply don't have the time to get out the chapter when I want to.  And even when we do move, I'll be losing my office and the computer will be in the main room.  And I have never been able to write with anyone else in the room, it's just how I am.  So I'll have to snatch some alone time somewhere, or you guys will have to wait until I can afford to get a laptop.  Which will take a while.

So yeah, that's the story right now.  I just didn't want to keep you all wondering where the heck I'd gone to, since I'm at least usually good about keeping your all updated.

In other news, this lovely fellow :iconschizopurplia: has made a recording of my poem "Hello, Alice girl" which can be found here:…  And yes, he did do the right thing and ask my permission first.  Honestly, I'm usually willing to let people post it elsewhere or do something with it, as long as you follow the rules: Ask my permission first, make sure I am credited, and that it can't be anything you would make money off of.  Anyway, go give it a listen, it's really neat to hear it spoken aloud.

Also also, putting my two "do stuff on these sites and get stuff" websites.  I actually was able to get a large enough Amazon gift card to get myself a Kindle!  Now I just need to get more gift cards so I can afford to put books on it *laughs* Anyway, Swagbucks is a site where you can do surveys and watch videos and such to earn points and get cool stuff,  and if you register for it using the link below, I get matching points every time -you- get points using their search engine.  It's the one I used to get my Kindle.  The other one, Gifthulk,  I recommend highly if you're looking for some quick e-gift cards.  I've been earning $5.00 Amazon ones in relatively little time, usually a week, maybe two.…  <------------ Swagbucks referral link…  <--------- Gifthulk referral link

Btw, you have to go through those particular links to sign up under me.  If any of you do decide to, let me know, eh?  So I can keep track of when you should show up on my referral page(s) because I've had issues with that in the past.


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