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Vanellope Von Schweetz Wig Commission

Commission: Wig
Character: Vanellope Von Schweetz
Base Wig: Jeannie in Black (Arda Wigs)

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*Yowulf is wonderful and had me make a Heather Mason wig for her last year. After seeing Wreck-It Ralph she REALLY wanted to make a Vanellope costume, and how could I refuse making the wig for her. It was so much fun to make, especially when you know the person who's getting it is in LOVE with the character.

This was originally a Jeannie, I stubbed the base ponytail and added the clip in ponytail over it. I left out the clip however and replaced it with a styrofoam ball for more body. All the sweets were hand made and have backs put onto them so they could be sewn in. This way they are easy to replace, don't fall out and can be transferred to a new wig in the future if desired.

!!This SPECIFIC wig is not for Sale!!

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How much for just the candy accessories?
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I am currently not selling them at this time.
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This is amazing! Want!
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Every wig that I see is really messy and tangled. But this wig is awesome. I've never seen a wig like that before. It's really cool!
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wow this its lovely if you dont mind me asking how did you make the licorice o have tried but nothings seems to work.
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I used what AC Moore Craft store called Floral Mesh Tubing. I glued the tube together to make it look like stringed twizzler. :D
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when cost just accessories?
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* how much

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am.. and.. how much the wig with the accesories? ~
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I sell the wig with the accessories for $210. I do not sell the accessories separately at this time.
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That turned out super raaaaaaaad! I love the twizzlers, I want to lick it. p:
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This is so cute! I love all the details you put into it! :D
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Useful wig! Sweet craving? Pick your hair! :D
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Wulf was smart to commission you again for her wig because this turned out FANTASTIC. I am amazed that you managed to get all the candy sprinkles right! They are so perfect! And that twizzler, omg. I can't wait to see her sport this. Your wig styling skills are the best!
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jeeeeezusssssssss Wulfs gonna be the cutest Vanellope! You did an awesome job on this, really~
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I am so going to you whenever I need a wig styled. Your stuff is just top notched! I love my Heather wig so much and I cannot WAIT to get this one to sport at Katsucon!!

This wig looks so accurate! I love how you included ALL the candies since a lot of people leave out certain ones! You even included the gummy bear! It's so perfect! Thank you SO MUCH, Avi! <3333
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Glad you like it!! <3
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