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TES V: Skyrim Poster



A poster for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, inspired by film advertising posters.
For more information on Skyrim, visit: [link]

Featured here: [link]

For more in my TES Collection: [link]

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Made by Emerald Gibson
Do not take and claim as own please.
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And coming soon from Bethesda Softworks (while we await more stuff from Fallout 4), continuing the Elder Scrolls series but set in a time with 'future steampunk and old-school magic'

Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Of The Future or Elder Scrolls 6: Return Of The Dwemer

Plot 1: It's now the 5th Era and whether you decided to tell the Aldmeri Dominion to take their stupid White-Gold Concordat and shove it up their arse in blood or still believe Talos is not a god, Skyrim and the rest of Tamriel are evolving. But a new enemy arrives with the power to put the daedric gods and goddesses and princesses in their place, and even make Nocturnal a really scared wallflower and piss in her panties (well...if she wore panties). Now, in the new era of Tamriel with old-school magic and future tech (some of it inspired by Dwemer tech), you must temporarily assume the powers of the daedric entities (including Nocturnal's 'wallflower power') and restore their balance.

Plot 2: (for the 2nd one) Remember what happened to the Dwemer before they...well left long ago? Well, the answer is gonna shock you. The Dwemer are NOT extinct. And now, it's time for them to take back what used to be theirs long ago. Become a new hero or anti-hero. Also, join in a plot to wipe our the Aldmeri Dominion once and for all. (this would make the Nords very happy)!

PS. Both games contain a sexy new look for the Daedric entities, including a hot new look for Nocturnal (at least she gets to wear shoes this time).