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The Avengers

"The Avengers"

Inspired from the upcoming movie The Avengers, where I'm hoping that they include Spidey in the movie, but sadly not.

Ps CS5, Wacom Bamboo

My pencil & ink link -> [link]
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This is a very detailed piece, not to sound judging, but almost to the point where you've forgotten to include more things into it, things which will make people go, "WOW! That looks amazing!". For example possibly seeming them surrounded by enemies, or at least being able to see the enemy. Other than this the artwork is brilliantly detailed, the Tone is spectacular and you have a brilliant art style. I also noticed Spidey in the background, a nice touch! Possibly what would enhance the atmosphere would be seeing broken or crumbling buildings around them or Thousands of enemy ships in the distance, This piece is very well though out though and I wished they used your drawing style in the comics!
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There is a large amounts of detail and suitable tones of color which fit the artwork. I love the composition between the characters and the background which provides a more original look for the piece, good work. Most of the characters in the center are nicely done, helps to retain the elements of the characters. In conclusion, it got everything to be considered as another great portray of the Avengers. I could hardly spot a single flaw to criticize in this pic and the heroes designs are awsome. That's all i can to evaluate this piece of work. Keep up the good work
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All I have to say is that you are a great artist my friend. You used a tremendous amount of detail and the color is truly magnificent. The best thing about this picture is that it doesn't make you look anywhere else, all your focus goes to Thor's lightning hand first and then to the Hulk, to Hawkeye, to Black Widow, Captain America to Iron Man to the rest of the picture. Well done, well done. Also, I noticed that you included Spidey in the background. That's bittersweet isn't it? Spiderman would have been great to see in the Avengers, but it worked just as great without him. what's your opinion on that?
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I think that your color placement is really great. Having the transition of colors form Black Widow's suit to the Hulk's pants to the red in Captain America's shield to Thor and lastly to Iorn Man creates a great path for the eye to follow. However, I feel that Spiderman is poorly misplaced and actually diminishes the composition of the picture. I could have been completely removed from the picture (unless you placed him there as a sentiment for not being included in the avengers movie, and if that's the case then well played). I do enjoy the expressions on each of the characters faces.
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If you've seen Endgame I hope someday you do 'that' scene. 
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👍👍👍👍You did an amazing job!! I definitely adore Black Widow's boobs!!
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black widow have to sexy boobs
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Averager assemble!
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Lol, Spidey is the background like "HEY GUYS! WAIT FOR ME!"
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Avengers assemble
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Marvelously epic. :love:
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I see spidey Man in da background?
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Guess this piece will need to be updated after Monday's announcement, eh? :XD:
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if only sony will grow up and give spidey back to marvel but alas, they are sted fast on being immature children who love t take spidey's movie life and smash it into the ground.
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Spider-Man would've been a cool inclusion. Alas, it was not to be.
Sweet illustration though! :thumbsup:
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I applaude your inclusion of spidey :D
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Nice Spiderman cameo in the back there ;D

Fantastic artwork, very well done! 
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No compare

Spiderman would be better off with Marvel Studios
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This is amazing! You're a very, very talented person 

Why is Black Widow's suit so wide open on the chest? That's not very practical, and I don't remember her dressing like that in the movie. 
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lol spidey in the background
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Intensity here is off the charts !!
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Thank you very much MarcMons!
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