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Pikachu Girl

Just a girl looking like a pikachu. :]

intuos4 tablet + photoshop cs5

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Like it. Arms seem a bit off, tho.
Twizzle-fizz's avatar
I love your style so much! I found this pic in a Smosh article and loved it so much I needed to see your whole page! :D
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mouseanderson's avatar
Weirdly enough I thought of Harley Quinn when she was little.
JC-Rose's avatar
this is just.....fantasmo!!!!
assureastheskyisblue's avatar
Ohmygosh she's so adorable!!!!~
zupay-wekufe's avatar
Cute. I like the colors.
Cosmic-Loop's avatar
I love how you did the hair!
thepikachugirl16's avatar
This is why I love my username XS
sovietdesign's avatar
Aka aka aka aka, Pi-ka-chuuuuuuuuuuuu :3
ClarissArt's avatar
This is so sweet! :D
ShadowMan-DDT's avatar
I saw this as a spam ad and actually clicked it because of this pic, then I actively started looking for it. That's how fucking adorable this is.
emmitz's avatar
Well at least it served some sort of good purpose haha
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Awwwww~! This is adorable!

Also, I want to alert you that mgid is using your picture as a thumbnail for an advertisement for an 'adult' version of Pokemon or something. I saw the thumbnail in an advertisement, and remembered seeing it not too long ago on DA somewhere. A quick Google reverse-image search confirmed this suspicion. I figured you may wish to be informed of this terrible misuse of your artwork.
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Yes, thanks again. Really a shame .-.
emmitz's avatar
thank you :3
CattBon's avatar
Just wondering how you colored this? It's like... pencil like but you used photoshop. It's so beautiful.
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Thanks! Yeah it was pencil on paper, scanned into my lappy and then colored on ps. I didn't do another line art. I find it looks nicer that way. At least for me :3
CattBon's avatar
was it just regular pencil then to photoshop or colored pencil then photoshop.

What tool did you use on photoshop?
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