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SPN Angels x Reader 'Untimely end'
Angels. We are expected to live forever. Though, in some unfortunate cases our forever can meet an untimely end.
Screams filled the air, of angel and human alike. The sound of breaking bones and anguished wails surrounded you.  Time stood still as you watched angels fighting angels. You looked down at your hands, they were covered in blood, and you felt bile rise in your throat. The fight seems to take hours, though, it was probably only minutes.
 Bodies fall to the ground around you, and then everything goes silent. Slowly scanning the diner, you take in all the carnage. Gabriel was bent over the limp body of Balthazar, shaking him softly. Tears welling up in his eyes, he turns to you helplessly. Cas is standing in the doorway with an look of pure anguish for his fallen brethren.  You feel your own eyes well up, and your heart drop.
Lucifer slowly lowered himself in a booth. Burying his face in his hands, he let out a sob. You stepped forward only to free
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Lucifer x Reader 'Trust Me'
You're a tough little tadpole to love
Naughty lilies and lures
Oh, I was knocked to the floor
Never tasted as sweet
A poison as you have
You're an urge that can never be cured

It is a truth universally acknowledged that the devil can be a bit of a dick. You, of all people, know this, but you simply cannot get enough of him. Sometimes though, you wonder why he stays with you.
He walks up behind you wrapping his arms around your waist, “yeah?”
“Aren’t I boring? I mean, I’m just a human, and you’re, you’re well Lucifer.” He buried his face in your neck, “You’re not boring, (y/n.)”
“We never do anything exciting,” you whispered, furrowing your brows.
“The boring stuff is the stuff I remember most.”
“That’s very undevilish of you, Luci.”
“I have my days,” he said placing a kiss on top of your head.
It is a truth universally acknowledged that the
:iconemmisue:Emmisue 58 15
Tony x Reader 'confession'
You tell yourself that you’re not afraid.
This was supposed to be the day you confessed to the arrogant billionaire, but Tony, being Tony, decided to have a huge party. You’re on your third drink, ready for a fourth, trying your best to survive.
“You look a little worse for ware,” Natasha smirked, and playfully bumped you with her hip.
You laughed nervously, “Nat, this is stupid. I wanna go home now.” Crossing her arms she gave you a halfhearted glare, “If you so much as step towards that door, I will drag you back in here by your ankles and lock you two in a room together till love happens.”
“Now, If you don’t mind, I have a birdie to catch.” You watched her walk away, with a smile on your face. Which vanished as soon as you heard a voice: “Hey Babe, where’ve you been all night?”
Spinning on your heals, you see Tony with two girls wrapped around his waist. You couldn’t help but feel a tinge of je
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Thranduil x Reader 'wine, women, and song'
‘What’s so extravagant about wine, women, and song?’ Thranduil silently mused this to himself; leaning back in his throne. Usually the king would love to take part in such an event, but lately something, more like someone, has been on his mind. He quietly scanned the crowd looking for his favorite advisor. 
“She’s out in the gardens.” Thranduil simply nodded, “Now Elrond, whoever are you talking about?” Elrond scoffed, “still in denial I see.” Smiling softly, he added “If you just talk to her, I think you’ll be quite amazed.” Thranduil looked to his friend, who gave a reassuring nod. He slowly stood and headed for the gardens.
Making his way through the crowd, excusing himself every so often, his kingly courage started to wither. As soon as he reached the doorway, he made a beeline for the wine. He drank half a glass before he realized Elrond was staring intensely at him. As soon as he made eye contact w
:iconemmisue:Emmisue 225 18
SPN Angels x Reader 'Napped' CH. 2
Your POV
            You were more confused than terrified, to tell the truth. The man would come and go, ordering you to call the angels; make them fall into his little trap.  Each time you would cock an eyebrow, smirk, and politely refuse. His patience was slowly slipping away with you, but you could literally care less.
“Do you believe me to be evil, (y/n)?”  Your face remained blank, but your eyes held the furry of a hurricane. “…yes.”
“Why?” he looked genuinely confused, “I’m not evil,” he said.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~THE BOIS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
            “How could she just drop of the face of the earth?” Gabriel was mumbling to himself. “Really? Really, Gabriel? You are the expert on disappearing, why don’t you share a few pointers,” Balthazar ordered
:iconemmisue:Emmisue 176 42
SPN Angels x Reader 'Napped' CH. 1
            You woke up shivering, in the dead of night. You slowly looked around, ‘where am I?’ There was barely any light, and what light there was, caused eerie shadows to line the walls. Bars surrounded your little square of concrete, ‘great,’ you mumbled. Slowly climbing to your feet, you winced and brought your hand up to the back of your head. Blood. Weariness overtook your body, and you stumbled forward. “What? B-but I’m an angel,” you said confused.
            “That’s right, pretty little lady,” a raspy voice called out. You whipped your head around, “Who are you?” you squinted through the darkness, trying to see the man, but your vision blurred. “That’s right, girly. Go to sleep.” You let out a shaky breath, and fell to the ground.
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Cas x Reader 'Panic'
'Seriously,' you groaned to yourself. You've been lying in bed for about an hour now, just staring at the glow in the dark stars on your ceiling.
  No matter how hard you tried, you couldn't fall asleep. Thoughts kept racing through your mind, but not good thoughts. The thoughts being: everything you did wrong that day, or that one embarrassing thing that happened to you that one summer way back when.
We've all had those thoughts, am I right? The ones that keep you up over half of the night thinking about stuff we can't fix.
 Those were the worst because then your self esteem would plummet, and that voice in the back of your head would rear its head.
'You're such a loser.' 
'You're worthless.' 
'Nobody would care if you just disappeared.'
You brought your hands up to cover your now tear stained cheeks, feeling panic rise up in your chest. 'What if...' You pulled the blanket over your head, trying to block out the negativity, but nothing would work.
:iconemmisue:Emmisue 161 12
SPN angels x Reader 'Squishy'
"Awwww," you carefully picked up the little furball; also known as a kitten. You ran your hand through its fur, earning a quiet purr from him.
"No," Balthazar commanded, "put it down."
"But Balty," you whined, "he's soooo adorable," talking more to the cat than the angel. "I said no," he reached out to grab him, but pulled back when the cat swiped at him. 
"See he's a lethal killing machine." You weren't listening though; you were too busy scratching it's "beautiful, squishy, amazingly soft wittle tummy. 
"What is she doing?" Lucifer asked, walking up to Balthazar. "Becoming overly attached to a rude, satanic creature." Lucifer cocked an eyebrow, "seriously?" "What," Balty shrugged, "'s what it is."
"Oh my gosh you are so fluffy I'm gunna die!"
Both angels rolled their eyes, and groaned when Gabriel appeared. "He-....ommygosh!" Gabriel threw himself down next to you, completely ignoring everything else, "does he have a name?"
"No," Balthazar answered, "because we are NOT keep
:iconemmisue:Emmisue 603 80
Lucifer x Reader 'sleepy'
(A/N- okay I feel like this is short and it sucks, so I'm sorry ahead of time!)
You stared into the darkness, as the clock struck one. Angels didn't need sleep, but ever since you joined the humans, you found pleasure in sleeping.
Tonight though, you couldn't get your mind to shut up. 'Come ooon,' you groaned, and buried your face in your pillow. That, surprisingly, did not work one bit. 
You laid there for a few more minutes, then sighed in defeat. Shuffling to your feet, you made your way to the living room.
"What're you doing?" You jumped, and turned on your heel with hand held against your chest, "seriously, Luci!" 
"What?" He asked innocently, smiling like a little kid. 
"You know what," you playfully punched him, and he faked a hurt expression. 
"Now, why would you do that, (y/n)?" You glared at him, "why're you hear anyway, Luce?" 
"You couldn't sleep. Well, I don't know why you feel you have to sleep; you're an angel," he rambled on. "Okay, okay, but ho
:iconemmisue:Emmisue 272 12
Moriarty x reader x Sebastian 'You're Going'
(A/N- okay this is the first time writing anything for Sherlock....I hope it isn't too bad. I just wanted some Moriarty/Sebastian/reader! It needed to happen. Any who, I always picture Sebastian as Michael Fassbender, and we all know who Moriarty I'll leave you to it.) 
"James Moriarty, if you do anything stupid, I swear I will kill you myself." You said playfully, but you couldn't help the worry in your voice. Straightening his tie, he turned towards you with fake surprise, "I never do anything Stupid."
You crawled out of bed, careful not to wake Sebastian. You slowly walked over and brushed his hand away, fixing his tie for him. You stood there in silence, then wrapped your arms around him, burying your face in his neck.
"Leaving Sebastian here is stupid," you mumbled. He sighed, and wrapped his arms around your waist, "(y/n)-" 
"No, I don't want to hear it. Your taking Seb," and with that you turned aroun
:iconemmisue:Emmisue 43 9
Lucifer x Reader 'Homework'
"This is stupid," you muttered under your breathe. Homework would surly be the death of you. The assignment: simply write a three page paper explaining the Devil, Satan, Lucifer himself. Yea, should be easy right? Wrong. 
You knew exactly what you wanted to write. Why was it so hard. Oh yea, because he's sitting write in front of you. You sighed and glanced up at Lucifer. 
He was sitting sideways in the arm chair, leg swinging back and forth. He was flipping through a book of phobias this time. He ran his hand down the page, "hey," he glanced up, "do you have aulophobia?" 
"I don't know?" You said annoyed. You rested your hands on the keyboard and huffed. "Do you even know what it is?" He said smirking. You gave him a half-hearted glare, "....what?"
He smiled triumphantly, "fear of flutes." You couldn't help but giggle, "no."
He glanced down at the book, then back up at you "whatcha writing?" He swung his legs down, and stood up. Slowly walking over. You quickly lowered
:iconemmisue:Emmisue 470 48
SPN angels x Reader 'Reunited'
Centuries past since Lucifer was cast out. It didn't help that Gabriel and Balthazar bailed out as well. You were never the same; a part of you was missing, and you couldn't take it anymore. 
Being in Heaven, what are the right words for it....simply sucked without your boys. No offense to Cas, he was your anchor, but nowadays he was all caught up in Dean Winchester. You rolled your eyes just thinking about the human.
Since Cas was barely around anymore, you decided you would pack up and leave as well. Your plan was to grab the most important items to you, then leave and never look back.
You walked around your bedroom, aimlessly grabbing stuff, then setting them back down. There were only a few things you really wanted to keep. Your favorite books were high priority items; you'd surly go crazy without them. 
Notebooks filled with stories, sketch books filled with beautiful drawings, were piled on your bed. Before you knew it, you had made a mountain of junk. 
:iconemmisue:Emmisue 398 32
Gabriel x Reader x Lucifer 'caramel'
'I'm going to die,' you mumbled to yourself and lazily looked around. You threw your legs up on the coffee table, and leaned back into the couch cushions. It was your day off, and you were sitting on the couch rotting.
Not literally though, you were just simply bored. 
Minutes rolled by, though, they felt like hours. You finally decided to get off your lazy bum, and do something with your life. 
"Gabe! I'm bored!" You called out as you appeared in Gabriel's kitchen. Sweets were piled up on the counters and tables, skittles littered the floor. Your jaw dropped when your eyes met his.
He was sitting in his armchair, hair ruffled, and a very provocative dressed woman pouring whipped cream in his mouth. You watched as chocolate syrup dripped down his bare chest. You were suddenly very interested with the skittled floor. Your cheeks flushed red, "u-umm," you stuttered, but your couldn't form any words.   
Gabriel quickly snapped, and everything was gone. "You can look no
:iconemmisue:Emmisue 540 46
SPN angels x reader 'Cast Out'
You sat in silence. Tears threatened to fall, as you glared angrily at the floor. Your mind reeled, as your heart slowly shattered.
Today was the day that Lucifer would be cast down, and Gabriel would leave Heaven. Blathazar had already disappeared without a word. One day you woke up, and he was gone. No notice, no goodbye.
Your wings started shake, as a sob escaped your lips. Wrapping your wings around yourself, you quietly cried.
You tensed, as a hand rested on your shoulder. You slowly looked up, wiping your tear stained cheeks. 
Cas gazed down at you, and the sadness in his eyes was clear. Sadness, and confusion crossed his features. He didn't like to see you cry, and he didn't want his little family to break apart.
"It is time, (y/n)," he barely whispered. He brought his hand up to your cheek, and gently wiped away the tears. You nodded sadly, and shakily stood up. He intertwined your fingers with his. He knew you didn't like to be alone, so he would be your anchor.
Your grip
:iconemmisue:Emmisue 330 36
Clint x Reader 'going home'
"I wanna go home."
"I know."
Clint held you in his arms, and buried his face in your hair. It was a mission gone wrong, and he knew it was his fault. 
You were shot in the stomach, and were currently bleeding out in the rescue helicopter. 
"Sir, we need her to lay down, so we can do everything in our power to help."
Clints grip tightened around you, but loosened as they pulled you from his arms.
"Clint," you whispered reaching for him. He grabbed your hand, and held it against his chest, 
"I'm sorry, (y/n),its all my fault. i should ha-" 
"Shut up," you groaned, wincing as the men tried to stop the bleeding.
"I...this isn't your fault," he could barely hear you now, "and.....I'm sorry." 
Tears filled his eyes, "I love you, you know that," he chuckled humorously.  
You looked at him, but your vision was blurry, "seriously, I thought.....Nat."
One by one, tears started to fall, "no. it was always you."
:iconemmisue:Emmisue 53 23
SPN angels x reader 'writers block'
You sat on the couch twirling your pencil. You sighed, looking at all the crumpled up pieces of paper on the floor. Writers block.
You wanted to write, you knew what you wanted to write, but you just couldn't.....write it down. "Ugh," you ran your hands threw your hair.
"What's up, cupcake?" Gabriel appeared, his head on your lap, sucking on a lollipop. "I suck. I don't even know why I try," you whine, leaning your head back on the couch.
Gabriel frowned, "writers block.....again?" 
"Hey, writings not easy you know," you said flicking his nose in the process.
"First, owww," he began, while rubbing his nose, "second: here I'll show it's easy." You rolled your eyes as he grabbed your pencil and paper. 
He sat next to you scribbling away, chewing on the eraser here and there. His brows knit together, as he admired his work. A smile spread across his face, "see, not that bad."
You rolled your eyes and snatched the paper. He sat there smirking, like he made a masterpiece.
You bega
:iconemmisue:Emmisue 450 92


Groot x Teen!Reader: Empathy

Hey! So, making this one for a friend, hope y'all enjoy. The song is Arms by Christina Perri
I never thought that you would be the one to hold my heart
But you came around and you knocked me off the ground from the start
You pushed through the crowd, eyes wide with terror. Blue hair, purple skin, yellow slitted pupils all flashed before you. Yup. On an alien planet in god-knows-where. You could hear the sound of your pursuers behind you, shouting. You'd been abducted two weeks ago from earth, right out of your backyard. The aliens who took you? Not nice guys. You were pretty sure the leaders name was Yondu, or something like that. 
You put your arms around me
And I believe that it's easier for you to let me go
You put your arms around me and I'm home
The bandits had cornered you. Your back was pressed to an alley wall, and your E/C colored eyes threatened tears. You couldn't go back to a lifetime on that ship. You just wanted
:iconmaddymew:maddymew 292 54
Pietro x Reader |Short and Sweet|
“Pietro~” (Name) sang, zapping into the living area of the Maximoff flat. Literally, zapped. As in, the electricity of the whole room flickered on and off again, sparks popping from her fingertips and toes as she popped into the room.
And right on top of Pietro, who’d been reclining happily on the couch. His eyes popped wide open, staring at her and resisting the urge to freak out when she landed on top of him...out of nowhere. She grinned, snickering at his surprised little face.
“I get zhat you love zhe whole ‘zappy powers’ and things,” Pietro started, flicking a stray spark from his almost-ignited-hair, “But if you could maybe not zap around vhile I’m just sitting here, I vould appreciate it. A lot.”
“Oh, please. You know you love seeing me. You totally missed me too, right? I haven’t seen you in like, a week.” She murmured, slipping her arms around his neck and nuzzling her nose against his. Thanks
:iconyarikoi:yarikoi 538 100
You Didn't See That Coming? 1 - QuicksilverxReader
You spotted Clint fighting off a team of mercenaries in the thick snow and noticed a new batch of armed soldiers preparing to ambush him from the ground above. Throwing the mercenary who attempted to put a bullet in you to the ground, you slid down the snowy slope to your friend. Clint was up on his knee where he had a good angle at the men and shot arrow after arrow before they got to him.
Clint saw you approach from his peripheral vision and prepared for a combination attack. You built up speed as you ran and, just like you’d trained back at Avengers Tower, once your foot was firmly placed on Clint’s shoulder, you sprang up into the air. You grabbed four silver pods from your belt and threw them at the new mercenaries with their guns drawn. As your pods were silver, round and no bigger than golf balls, the soldiers found it difficult to spot as they flew in the air.
That is – until they landed by their feet and exploded. The mercenaries flew backwards as the flames
:icontheladyofmanyfandoms:TheLadyOfManyFandoms 530 160
Cullen by Aniviel Cullen :iconaniviel:Aniviel 379 15 Iron Bull by Liedeke Iron Bull :iconliedeke:Liedeke 207 10
Never Again - Alistair x Reader
Title: Never Again - Alistair x Reader
Author: LilSisSyd
Game: Dragon Age
characters/pairing: Alistair x Reader
Bioware owns anything associated with Dragon Age. You own you. I only own the plot.

(y/n)-Your Name
(h/l)-Hair Length
(h/c)-Hair Color
(e/c)-Eye Color
(s/c)-Skin Color
              Alistair groaned, sleep still weighing down his eyelids. In an attempt to rid himself of the groggy feeling that plagued his mind, he shook his head and slowly opened his eyes. However, it did little to help, because when he opened his eyes, the world around him blurred into itself, colors and shapes meshed together in the dim light of the room, creating a dreamscape display before him. Eventually, the world around him started to clear, shapes and colors became more definite until he could finally see clearly. Alistair blinked a few times in disbelief. He was sitting down at a table
:iconlilsissyd:LilSisSyd 98 92
Hug It Out (Charles Xavier x Reader)
You often visited Xavier’s School, where most of your friends and fellow mutants lived, which was only a couple of miles from where you lived. This evening was one of those occasions, but something was different. You had been in the school for about half an hour, but you had yet to see a certain handsome telepath.
“Where is Charles?” you asked Hank.
“Oh, he went up to his room a while ago. He was not in a good mood,” Hank replied.
You frowned. Charles normally came down to greet you when you came over.
“Well, could I go up and see him?” you asked.
“He didn’t seem like he wanted to see anyone. He snapped at me,” Raven chimed in somewhat bitterly.
You pondered for a moment before setting down your teacup.
“I’ll take the chance,” you decided, walking toward the stairs.
“Alright,” Hank shrugged.
You just heard Raven’s answer as you began ascending the stairs, “I’m sure he’ll be
:iconfangirl221:fangirl221 346 28
A Start. (Tadashi Hamada x Reader)
You set down your tools with a tut, spinning around in your chair aimlessly. You were trying to get the kinks out of your newest blueprints, but that seemed to be going nowhere. The other robotics students, from what you could tell with your blurred and warping vision, were packing up for the day.
Honey Lemon, as usual, was the first to have her things ready. She skipped over to your testing space in the common area and stopped your chair with a thin arm.
"Ready to go, (Name)?" She grinned, eyebrows high over large glasses. "We'll take you out for lunch if you want!"
"No thanks, Honey, I'm not quite done yet. I want to spend a little more time trying to work this out." You scooted the chair away from her, clenching a pencil between your teeth as you analyzed your blueprint for the umpteenth time.
Your attempt at creating robotic additions to plants was going well, though many speed bumps tended to crop up with every new revelation.
"What's the problem this time?" Honey asked.
"An issue
:iconally1001:Ally1001 400 54
Tadashi Hamada x Reader: How to Save a Life
You tagged along with the Hamada brothers to the convention that would admit Hiro into the Institute of Technology where you and Tadashi go. You knew that Hiro would have no problem getting in. You didn't like to admit it but he was way smarter than you and his microbots were better than anything you've ever made...well, you only heard from Tadashi what they did. But still, they sound pretty amazing. You couldn’t wait for Hiro’s presentation…just as long as he will be able to keep it together. You offered your best support, along with Tadashi.  Before the presentation and during. You would give him a thumbs up every time he would look at your direction, seeing his nerves.
And, not to your surprise, Hiro’s presentation of his ingenious (you loved that he made a freaking tower out of them and was able to walk upside down) microbots smoothly once his jitters went away. You and Tadashi met him once he got off of the stage, you ruffling his hair. &
:iconrobottoxic:RobotToxic 1,060 336
Sirius X Reader: Just Be Romantic
It was no secret that Sirius Black was a sex God. Every female and student in Hogwarts knew that. Obviously. He could get any girl he ever wanted with some charming words and a wink. After that, he had them brain-washed. You, however, were completely different. Your appearance was taken in account in his eyes, of course. Your (h/l), (h/c) hair looked so silky. Your (e/c) eyes glittered in amusement and happiness nearly every hour of every day. Your (s/c) skin. Your gorgeous face. You were the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. Plus, you were in his year and his house. A double bonus. But, when you were different, it wasn’t just your appearance. Oh no. You were more stubborn and smart. His charming words were just considered as annoying flirting to you. And he did it constantly. You wouldn’t let him in your head or in your pants. He started to think you never would, either. So, he decided to turn up the charm. More than usual, of course.
You were wandering dow
:iconmadameinserts:MadameInserts 348 180
Remus X Reader: Just Stop Trying
Remus and Sirius sat in their dorm. It was Christmas time, and the entire castle was nearly empty, save for a few students. And you. Sirius stared at Remus as he went on and on about you.
“I mean, she’s perfect, Padfoot. Everything about her. Her (h/c) hair. Her (e/c) eyes. Merlin, her eyes are gorgeous. Her (s/c) skin. She has nice skin…”
Sirius snickered a bit, watching as his friend stared up at the ceiling.
“And you’re still too big of a coward to talk to her, Moony.”
Remus blushed a bit, sitting up in his bed.
“What would I even say? ‘Hi (y/n), I’m Remus. You have nice skin and I really want to go out with you.’ That would be awful, Padfoot!”
Sirius shrugged a bit, playing around with his wand.
“It works for me. Besides, some girls like straight-forward. Just go for it. And, if she says no, oh well. What’s the worst that could happen?”
Oh, Remus didn’t
:iconmadameinserts:MadameInserts 270 14
Dance Battles (StarLordxReader) One-Shot
While Peter discussed some things with the Nova Corps and the ship stayed waiting on the planet, you and Rocket had been tinkering away with the ship all the afternoon. Rocket had been the one who tried to make bombs out of all of the small parts he could find, but you managed to coax him into doing something more fun. You and Rocket had both grown annoyed to the music that Peter constantly played. Hooked on a Feeling was a great song to dance to….the first 100 times. After fishing out your iPod from your bag, Rocket helped you connect it to the ship. Relief washed over the both of you when it worked and new music filled the ship.
“What song is this?” Gamora asked puzzled when she walked into the cockpit. “I’ve never heard it before.”
“This my friend, is rock music and the song that you’re hearing is I Write Sins, Not Tragedies. Pretty neat, huh?” You looked at her with eager eyes.
Her nose crinkled up in confusion. “Bu
:iconphoenixangel7:PhoenixAngel7 243 48
Peter Quill x Reader - Music
You stood up at the control console for the tape deck in the Milano. Peter sat at the captain’s chair lazily poking at the controls and letting autopilot take over. You grinned wickedly and hit play.
The deep bass voices blasted through the sound system. Everyone but you jumped as the music pounded. Peter swiveled around to look at you with a wide grin. He sprung out of the chair and slid over to you. You began chugging your shoulders to the beat and Quill mimicked you. He began to sing the lyrics at you as you continued to dance. He spun you around, and you both jumped and sang “I’M HOOKED ON A FEELING!”
Gamora was the first to reach the pilot deck. Her face was covered in an expression of confusion as she watched you both jump and dance around. You snatched her hand and pulled her in.
“Dance with us, Gamora!”
“I-I-I! What? How do I…?”
“Just feel it!&
:iconbookwormchick:bookwormchick 243 12
AvengersxReader - Nervous Game : Captain America
You waited in almost horror for your partner, wondering exactly what they were doing. You hoped that they would choose soon, the sooner you got over with this the sooner you could calm yourself down.
You perked up at the sound of a door sliding open, revealing a rather nervous looking Captain America.
You couldn’t help to hide your embarrassed smile, bringing your fingertips up to your lips, speaking as coolly as you could despite the blush that was undoubtedly rising up your neck, “So, what’s up, Cap?”
He looked down at you, shoving his hands in his pockets, a pink flush coloring his cheeks. He chose not to say anything, only sparing a tiny shrug.
Sighing slowly, he looked down, finally choosing to speak after a few long moments of silence, “I-uhm, what exactly do I have to do to you?”
You couldn’t help but chuckle nervously, his naïveté on vibrant display, “You touch me… I thought Tony would have already told you the
:icontrixt3er:Trixt3er 116 14
Have my Hat ~ Bofur x reader
You had over heard it a few times. Others asking Bofur when he was going to braid your hair. It had taken you a bit to figure that braiding was some dwarven courting custom, and it disappointed you a bit that Bofur hadn’t taken the step to do so yet. Now, after a few weeks of waiting, you decided to ask him why.
“Morning, Bofur! I, uh, brought you some eggs.” He rubbed his eyes, and stretched, an amazing feat, as his upper half was off the side of the bed that he was lying sideways in. He managed to shift himself onto his back, and more importantly onto his bed, by the time you had brought his breakfast over. He sat up, settling his hat crookedly on his head, though his chest was bare. He took his breakfast with a smile that crinkled his half closed eyes. You watched him quietly, as he murmured what a great lass you were between bites of egg and steak.
“Why haven’t you braided my hair?” Bofur proceed to look shocked at the sudden outburst and cough a
:iconfallenpine:fallenpine 67 7
Pie (Nedxreader)
Imagine Ned teaching you how to bake pie
As soon as the last customer leaves, you close the door of the Pie Hole and turn back around, a large smile on your face. The Pie Hole is where you work as long as your friend Olive visits her ill parents. She begged you to do her this favor and you instantly said yes. You needed a holiday job  anyway and working at a pie restaurant is something you never believed would be possible. You love the smell of fresh pies and fruits, the little details like the lights looking like cherries, the customers who are always happy when you serve them what they ordered. You get a lot of tips, something you really need.
But the best part of spending your days here is the Pie Maker. You are not in love with him, you know that Olive is, but you have to admit that you like him really much, like a high school crush actually, nothing more. At least you tell yourself that for four weeks now.
You like how he always smiles, even though you
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-once upon a time
-pretty much any superhero or villian XD
-lord of the rings/ the hobbit
-harry potter
-Game of Thrones
-the list could go on and on!



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