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Saw the other picture before about you sharing your work with the voice actor Brenda Crichlow, good on you emmisu!  You'd be one of the few out there who ever would get an opportunity like and cheers extra points to having the courage to bring your work forward to her like that, well done!

Anywho though, onto the pic!  Happen to definitely enjoy the Zecora character all the same and like the very many styles of her on the DA, it get cooler and cooler with seeing the way people mix up or add something new and unique to their interpretation of her.

Rather stunned how marvelous and beautiful you made her look her, sticking with a very human design to her but still keep a strong presence to that tribal and sense of mysticism to her, very creative.  Same thing gotta point to how well you tackled the lines and just how clean and smooth everything looks.  Even the anatomy while having some anime that I can sense with the large detailed look of the eyes or even the size of the head, but overall its really balanced and just looks incredible.

Like to add on a fine job on creating more atmosphere to her character with the cloak and even the markings across the body.  Even the way you pose her too with the way she holds the flowers and has a bit of walk to her, its almost like she just won best zebra pageant award or something, lol.

The coloring have to say though is another feature of this image I just can't take eyes off.  How you effectively utzilize your traditional tools is very clear with the way you change the tones from one shade to another or where you even use lighting and shading to give off more detail.  Like alot what can be said about how smooth and attractive those shadows make the body like on the long sleek look of the legs to a switch over the dress and showing its tattered and rather colorful style, wow!

Last but not least is the work on the hair and even the eyes themselves.  Am quite more than marveled to see how much more there is to her without her usual mohawk and perfect job on keeping the style limited and cut down like it is on the show while at the same time making something entirely your own to show off.  And same goes on the eyes, fascinating they are to look at.  Gorgeous drops of blue with an expression that makes her feel a bit posh and a bit surprised all in the package, lol.

Either way you look at this pic this is true art and a true artist like yourself should be well credited for all their hard work.  Hats off and much more to you Emmisu, can definitely see why Brenda definitely was in great joy with that photo you took of her with your art here, bravo.

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emmisuHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow this is the most detailed and kindest thing that has ever been said about my work. Thank you very much!

I really appreciate all of your commentary, it's people like you that make it all worthwhile :)
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No problem at all emmise, glad to be of service!  You happen to share a uncanny ability to draw and it was a pleasure to be able to cheer you on for your efforts, its as simple as that.

Either way that's great to hear you'll be keeping up the good work and don't hesitate either on coming up with great ideas like a human Zecora either, nuff said.