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Tweety Fruity:9

By Emmique
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Tweety Fruity # 9 !
Peacock-Blueberry :)

Photoshop CS3 Used.

~* Check out the other Tweety Fruitys! *~

They can all be found here : [link]

Stock images from;



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This is just tops!!! I dig it :D
Emmique's avatar
Hahah thanks :D
There's a total 10 of the tweety fruities :>
ReboYaY's avatar
No kidding?! Well I am going to have to check them out :D Good job! Very creative.
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Beautiful work!:hug:
Emmique's avatar
Hehe, thanksx3 :hug: (For all the comments that is :> )
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You are welcome!:hug:
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Awesome, have you found any stock images of plums yet?
Emmique's avatar
Nope, thinking cherry something, mandarin-mandarin duck or kiwi-kiwi < Cant decide quite yet though........ :P
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That is so cool, surprised me! :D
Thanks for showing me
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B-but... how do I eat it without it pecking me? :(
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First time you've said that lol never been mentioned for previous ones :D

Blueberry is the smallest so far aswell :iconisaydanceplz:
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Ide still try. :P
Emmique's avatar
Id still think you would find it rather intimidating...
... If yer walking around in the forest looking for blueberries

...and you come across a bush of them

... when you go to pick some, you get ~15-20 mini peacock heads looking up at you............

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That... would be disturbing. 0_0
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thats looks so cool
computrs are amazing things XD
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Haha yes indeed they are ^^
Glad you like it :)
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hah yeah that is awesome :]
and clever
I'll never look at blueberries the same way again D:

my question is - what tool did you use to blend the head and berry together?
I could never figure that out :\
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Use Photoshop CS3, and lots and lots of layers.
Main blending tool is using parts of the eraser with a faded edge on ~30% opacity...

Then theres also the stamp clone whatever you call it tool... And hold down alt, select the texture part and use it, about 60% opacity :>

Glad you like it though :P There are 8 other ones xD
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