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If you like to commission me, please follow one of the links below to see the price list & terms of work for each type of commission that you are looking for. To go back to this index page, simply click the commission info button with the flashing arrow on the top of each journal.
If there are still some things that you'd like to ask, don't hesitate to ask me here or via notes.
Thank you very much. ^_^ :heart:

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Hey Emmil I got a reply from you a while ago about commissions anyways I am still looking for someone here is my post and please let me know if your interested in doing a couple commssions. Thanks!

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Helloooooooooo again :D

I was hoping to commission you for some semi realism paintings :tighthug: can you give me an idea of price?

How are your little birds? :heart:
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Speed painting or fully done painting? full colors or monochromatic? what is it that you want me to paint exactly? I'll give you a quote after I know what I'll paint for you. :)

The birds... sigh.... 1 flew away, 1 died because of fungi infection, another died because of unknown cause of torticollis.... :( The 5 remaining birds are fine though... :)
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It is for a website I am having made to promote my novels, I really hate to have my photo taken, and especially would hate to have a photo on the site. So i thought it would be better to have a arty portrait instead :D

I would also commission you for character art/scenes (characters from my novels) to go with the novel blurbs/synopsis.

images would only need to be digital, and I can give you lots more details. I could even throw in a signed copies of the books if you like :)
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Oh, it's a portrait of you! Realism I believe?
Could you give me a link to your website plz?

And yeah, I'd like to know more about your novels. Link to the summary please! ^^
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:) The website isnt up just yet, trying to get all the pieces I need for it together at the moment.

Hopefully once I have some art to make it pretty can get it launched. I'm quite excited about getting it all sorted.

You dont have to make it super realistic, please use artistic license to make it more pleasant to look at hahaha! ;)

I have three novels I will need some art for, speed painting is probably fine for these. I'll add some links to the details. But we can discuss these more later on.

'One for Sorrow' novel excerpt - [link] & [link]

'Two for Joy' this is a WIP atm I dont have anything online to link to.

'Nocturne' is here: [link]
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Hmm the settings of places in your stories are not nature, while I'm only good at nature for background. So I guess, I can only do the character portrait or design, not a scene from the stories. :)
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Thats fine, no problems, character art on transparent backgrounds should be fine :D
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Thanks!! When will we start? Just drop me the characters' bios/data and some other reference pics if you have/ want to. :D
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hey, did you get my note?
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