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Toby | Ref sheet by emmbug124 Toby | Ref sheet by emmbug124
~For Golf-Bark only~


Name: toby
Nickname (s):
Rank: Lieutenant
Age: 4 1/2 winters
Gender: male
Sex: male
Breed: Ibizan hound
Sexuality: Asexual


Parents: Chase (father) Lilly (mother)
Siblings:  Brother: Levi   Sister: Nova 
Pups: none
Partner/crush: none


Positive: playful, forgiving, responsible, self-confident

Medium: obedient, complex, absentminded

Negative: clumsy, annoying (sometimes), impatient

~Point System~

Strength: 4/10

Speed: 10/10

Endurance: 3/10

Intelligence: 7/10

Memory: 2/10

Perception: 3/10


Pup: As a pup Toby was jumpy as always and he LOVED running with his owners. He had about 3 owners. 1 younger girl, 1 younger boy and 1 older girl. They all loved each other a lot as they did everything together. He also played with Levi and Nova until they got out of the house first. Toby ended up the only puppy in this big house. 

Heel: Toby Would try getting out of his back yard almost every day, to the point where they had to keep him on a really long leash when ever he was outside.He didnt really have a collar as he didnt get out of the house (backyard) much. One day while toby was outside, his leash broke and toby dug out of his yard. He ran out into the woods that was next to his home. He got his collar off my getting stuck to a branch and tearing it off. toby met a dog a year older then him named ollie and they became friends.

Combatant: Toby couldnt find his way back to his house so he ended up being in a pack with Ollie He starts feeling homesick every once and a while. He hopes that his family is still out looking for him. It took a while but toby ended up learning 'street smarts'.
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October 19, 2017
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