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Moon Moon ref sheet by emmbug124 Moon Moon ref sheet by emmbug124

~For Golf-Bark only~



Name: moon 

Nickname (s): moon moon

Rank: Combatant

Age:5 winters

Gender: cis female

Sex: female

Breed:  Husky/ Louisiana catahoula leapard dog mix

Sexuality: Pansexual


Parents: unknown

Siblings: calie (dead)

Pups: none

Partner/crush: none atm


Positive: caring, courageous, faith in oneself

Medium: boy-ish, aggressive, stubborn

Negative: cold, controlling, guarded

~Point System~

Strength: 10/10

Speed: 8/10

Endurance:  4/10

Intelligence: 5/10

Memory: 3/10

Perception: 6/10


Pup: Moon Moon was born and raised on the streets, in an alleyway between two tall buildings. Moon had a sister who was younger by only a few seconds but their personalities were completely different. Calie was a bigger pup who didn't care much for anyone but acted like she loved everything, while moon on the otherhand acted like a bitch but hid her love. The two sisters didn't have the best of home as their father left and mother depressed almost all the time so they had to hunt for themselves. Calie and Moon ended up leaving their mother by herself when they were still really young.

Heel: When the two got older, Calie got really sick to where she couldn't walk on her own. Moon had to go out by herself and bring back enough food to feed the both of them. She started stealing from food places and homes while people were inside. Weeks passed and little by little Calie started getting more sick. The small town they lived in started getting empty as people stopped coming back. Pets were left to fend for themselves in the wild wich made it harder to find food. Callie passed away after a few months of being sick and without enough food. Moon Moon ended up getting depressed like her mother but she hid it well with anger. She ran out of the small town by herself and kept running for about two days, through the forest, until she saw another town. This new town was bigger then the other but she didn't care. Moon was about to start a new life in a new town, she hoped her past would just disapear and she would just forget all about it. The town was strange to her as everything was different and dogs were so much more mean. One of these dogs attacked her, ripping out her eye from its socket and leaving her half blind. 

Combatant: Soon after Moon became 5 winters she met Ollie. Her first impression of him was that he seamed nice enough to trust, unlike the other dogs she came across. Moon followed him for a few days, not trusting him fully but joined his pack anyway. Sometimes Moon can be kinda rude towards the other dogs but deep inside she loves every one of them as her children and hopes to keep them safe unlike her actual family members who passed away when she was younger. 
more tba in roleplay


I'll probably change a bit more later (probably tomorrow), but for now I guess this is fine 

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November 8, 2017
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