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Max | Ref sheet by emmbug124 Max | Ref sheet by emmbug124
~For Golf-Bark only~


Name: max
Nickname (s): none atm
Rank: combatant
Age: 3 1/2 winters
Gender: cis-male
Sex: male
Breed: English setter
Sexuality: bisexual


Parents: unknown
Siblings: none
Pups: none
Partner/crush: cooper


Positive: sweet, smart, fun-loving, noble

Medium: shy, big-thinking, quiet

Negative: paranoid, awkward, guarded

~Point System~

Strength: 5

Speed: 4

Endurance:  3

Intelligence: 8

Memory: 5

Perception: 2


Pup: Max was born an outside dog for a loving family. His mother ended up disappearing where max couldn't fin her. Max was the only pup and at that moment, the only dog in the family so everyone loved him. the kids always played outside with the puppy but max was never allowed inside. whenever he got inside the oldest woman got all puffy, but he didn't care. The oldest man started beating Max for every little thing he did.

Heel: When max got older he started noticing that his owners all seamed to be sad all the time. he would see through the window that the children and the oldest woman were always crying. Max thought nothing of it at the time, but one day the oldest man took max in the car to a far off place and just left him there. the oldest man drove off leaving max alone in an animal shelter. it was full of dogs but none around his age.

max was there for a while until a dog named 'fiora' entered. She was put in the cage right next to his. The day she came someone pushed the button where it let all the dogs free. Max was one of the dogs who got out with fiora and followed her for until they reached the middle of nowhere. He was a bit younger then fiora and the two stayed in the pack together along with a few other dogs.

Combatant: He stayed in the pack to feel like he had a home again. Max grew into an adult not long after they ran from the pound. He tried making a good first impression on the other dogs with a warm welcome and befriending them.

DAAAAMMMNN this took forever to write... I'm dying rn
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October 16, 2017
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