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Honeywhisker tryout by emmbug124 Honeywhisker tryout by emmbug124

~For the group "Strangers of The City" only~

(It would've taken too much time to draw her on the sheet so ill do it later)

Name(s): HoneyWhisker

Nickname(s): Honey

Rank: Warrior

Age: 33 moons

Gender: Cis female

Sex: Dfab

Breed: Norwegian forest cat mix

Sexuality: straight

Romantic Orientation: biromantic

Mentor(s): mellowheart (NPC/ past)

Apprentice(s): none yet

Mother: unknown

Father: leafstick (NPC, deceased)

brother/s: none

sister/s: none

kit/s: NileKit, SilkyKit (NPCs, deceased ) no others

partner/crush: SmokeyHazez(partner/


Likes: honey, kits, darker fur cats,

dislikes: rude cats, death, dark,


Positive- Smart, Kind hearted, helpful

Neutral- persuasive, boy-ish, determined

Negative- good liar, childish, brittle

Point system:

(   /10 ) (The max amount of stats you can have maxed our are 3, again, i filled out some )

Strength: 6 /10

Perception:  4/10

Endurance: 5 /10

Charisma: 9/10

Intelligence: 10/10

Agility: 7/10

Luck: 3/10


Kithood: HoneyKit was the calmer kit as she was also the smartist. She loved going on adventures with her friends SomkeyHaze, BadgerKit and MothKit. Whenever they went out Honey would always try and find weird things (like weird plants and shit) BadgerKit was always quiet and just followed along with their antics, and always tried taking the blame when getting in trouble.SmokeyKit was the jumpiest out of all of them. Last but not least, MothKit. He was like the jock of the younger cats, always starting fights with SmokeyKit and always having to show he was better. HoneyKit has had a crush on SmokeyKit since they met and started hanging out more.

Apprenticeship: HoneyPaw grew calmer while SomkeyPaw grew meaner. She would try and help him anyways necessary, but it didn’t seem to work, he was just a rude cat that Honey was determined to fix. HoneyKit didn’t really like how HawkSwoop could tell when she was lying, making her try and become better at it. She soon started noticing SmonkeyPaw becoming more strange but didn’t pay any attention to it. HoneyPaw tried keeping everyone happy but SmokeyPaw kept bringing them back down. When their journey to the city had started, MothPaw had been attacked by a large and fearsome dog and was injured badly. SmokeyPaw sat with the young tom while their leader gave him his warrior name, MothTalon, before he passed. HoneyPaw was crushed about her friend's death.

Warriorhood: She soon became HoneyWhisker and SmokeyHaze confessed his love, she was surprised that he had even taken interest in her like that but she was too happy and they became a couple. He treated her like a queen and they loved each other intensely. A few weeks pass and HoneyWhisker was about to have kits, she was scared that she might not be a good mother but once they were born she couldn’t stand leaving them. SmokeyHaze named their two kits; A light cream tabby she-cat named SilkyKit and a light grey with faint striped tom named NileKit but they ended up getting white cough and dying. both SmokeyHaze and HoneyWhisker, the two mourned for moons, SmokeyHaze stayed to watch over all the kits and HoneyWhisker stayed as a warrior. She would bring him food while he watched the kits and she always tried to help out any way she can.

-More tba in roleplay-
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pfft she looks adorable so why wouldnt i
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