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Alex by emmbug124 Alex by emmbug124
i made a 2nd alex..... 

story prompt-

the world used to be full of people who had magic. but after 10 years of that world every one who had magic died except alex. he is the last person EVER with magic... they call him Gwydion.  (god of magic: England ) 

magic: shadow, fire, ice, wind
likes: quiet, dark, (any) music, hoodies, animals, anime, manga
dislikes: people, (any place) outside, human contact, parents (cant spell )

personality: emo, quiet, shy, get's pissed off easily, 

background: Alex was born in 2002 in a small house, no dad and no mom after a day of being born cause of his magic. he was adopted by a huge family with lots of riches.Alex was the nerdy one and  he was forced into a public school were he was always beat up. at the age of 10 he became emo and got kicked out of school for almost killing one of his old friends. they moved to a smaller house and he still went to public school, he wasn't beat up as much cause of his 'bad' personality. when he turned 14 he was forced to go to an extra class. the 1st day he was in that class some one came in and talked about magic and there users, after the class Alex walked to the man's office which was right by his house. the man welcomed Alex in and every day he would talk to Alex about magic and when he stopped coming to his office the man became worried and looked for him in school which he never saw Alex. the man stopped by his house, Alex started online school with out his 'parents' knowing. the man who became some what friends with Alex started taking him under his wing and teaching him all about magic and there users.

(the man's name was Matthew )
(sorry its so long, oh and he's 16.... in his world its 2018 i think, but idk )
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September 27, 2016
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