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Powerpoint Project

By EmmaVZ
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Finally some art! I still have a huge artblock, but I managed to finish this one. I just get highly motivated to make drawings with programs you usually dont draw with. This one is entirely drawn in Microsoft Powerpoint :aww: 

Powerpoint Project by EmmaVZ by EmmaVZ

Materials | Microsoft Powerpoint, PC mouse
Reference | None
Art | EmmaVZ 
Horse | Sofian Al Rayyan

You are not allowed to use this without my permission! 

.: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot
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I only saw this one now, no idea how this is even possible... You never cease to amaze me :XD:
EmmaVZ's avatar
Awh hahah xD well I am crazy x'D It was so much fun to make tho! 
SpitfiresOnIce's avatar
I can imagine, sounds like an interesting project :XD:
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Powerpoint..? Hmm.. woah. That's insane crazy! Such a brilliant idea. Who would have even thought in the first place that you could use it as an art medium.. Great on you! This turned out absolutely stunning! Love it :D I'd love to see more!
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Ooh very nice! I remember my first (and only) animation was in powerpoint, it was an assignment in class many years ago... ended up with some epic story of a boat out on the sea getting swallowed by a giant shark :XD: Always cool to see people experiment with different mediums and methods!
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Wow, now that's really cool :heart:
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wow, this is insane!
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Wow, powerpoint challenge to the max :O
ValentinoTheMustang's avatar
efhuufh once again, you amaze me to death X_X
dit is zoooooooooooooo amazing! Hoe doe je dat uberhaupt in Powerpoint?? o.O
Karura-Art's avatar
How the hell do you draw in ppt? 0.o Looks amazing!
PaleroPapaya's avatar
What?! Powerpoint?! Oo
DitBenIkke's avatar
Powerpoint??? wow...
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I didn't know you could actually draw in Powerpoint, but okay x)
blijf dit soort projecten te doen, serieus, ik ben zo gefascineerd door dit soort dingen ;w;
EmmaVZ's avatar
Ach, met n beetje creatief gebruik van de opties in powerpoint kun je ver komen xD Vroeger (2010 enzo) maakte ik m'n line arts altijd in Powerpoint haha, dus ik dacht, waarom ook niet n hele tekening? 
PoisonSoldat's avatar
Woow o.O Ik ga nu kijken :')
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Powerpoint...? Can you do a tutorial?? :D
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I'm not really a tutorial person, so no sorry =P 
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Boo :P but how did you actually use Powerpoint?? Is there actually a drawing option?
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No, there isnt really a drawing option, Powerpoint isnt a drawing program either. But you can use the options Powerpoint gives you and with a little creativity.. tada! :D 
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Hmmm I'll have to explore :3
EmmaVZ's avatar
Yeah, exploring is good :D 
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hooow is it possible? you pro, it's fantastic! :D how long it took?
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It took me probably around 5 hours? Quite quick for me tho xD
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How on earth did you draw in powerpoint?! 
And it looks amazing :D Doing something totally different (different style, subject or materials) always helps battling an artblock ^^ 
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