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Flowing Energy

By EmmaVZ
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Competition: Oak Brooke's Third Annual Dressage Show
Horse: Tariya'naj #62
Rider: Aisha Solak
Stable: Denhal Stables

Class: 2
Previous experience: Sound of SistersDancing in Colors
Music: www.youtube.com/watch?v=CVYG11… (I got the motivation and inspiration to make the drawing, from this song)

Tariya has always loved colder weather and water, she's a water icogan after all. When it was Aisha and Tariya's turn, she could hear the waves bulking against the cliffs, while the wind blew through her dancing mane. Tariya felt amazing. She loved this! This climate was quite different from the heat of Kazakhstan. She felt like she could walk here for ages, but home had it's lovelyness too. Meanwhile Aisha had quite a hard time handling Tariya, since the mare had become very energized. Tar wanted to go her own way, something Aisha thought would happen. She got a bit tense, but tried to make Tariya aware she was still on her back and hoped the kur wouldn't end in a mess.
* The one thing I'm terrible at is writing, so yeah, sorry

Materials | GIMP 2.6, PC mouse
Not traced, colorpicked or whatsoever
Reference | Dressage Cup_141willcopestakemedia.files.wordp…
Art | EmmaVZ 

You are not allowed to use this without my permission!

.: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot
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How do you do that... *-*
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This is incredible, I love the energy and passion you can feel here. The cliffs and clouds are marvelously done, and they add so much to the setting here.
But what I really love is the pose of the horse, so powerful, and you captured the anatomy perfectly! The rider turned out really great aswell, great job on the folds in her clothes, those are really tricky to get right. Keep on drawing, you can go far! :wow:
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Ooh this is fantastic :love: I am the slowest commenter on the planet sometimes, but that's fine, it's been nice ogling it in my inbox xD The clouds are just perfection (I love storm clouds) and the background has a wonderful depth to it. Plus all that flowing hair really kicks up the action :D
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Better slow than nothing at all xD And I always really do love your comments, thank you :heart: 
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Wow, the background is just amazing^^
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Holy cow the background is just breathtaking '-'
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Hij is echt heel gaaf! :D
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That background, aah... Incredible
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So eye-catching and beautiful! That scenery! Woah! I wish I was there :D
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WHAT A TALENTED PRECIOUS ARTIST YOU ARE! I love every little detail and the background is really something that I'm in love with. <3
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Thank you :heart: 
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The atmosphere in this is just incredible! love the detail in the cliffs particularly1
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holy crap, this is far beyond amazing! *w*
Materials | GIMP 2.6, PC mouse
you made this with mouse? like no tablet? really? even more amazing!
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Yes, no tablet, only mouse! :) Thank you!
Edit: tho, only the 'EmmaVZ' in the copyright is made with tablet XD (I only recently got a tablet, but i still prefer to work with a mouse)
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oh i see :D cool :D
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WOW. WOW. The composition and the lighting and the landscape and the characters. OHMG everything works so well and beautiful with this! Wow! Gorgeous job!
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Thank you so much :hug: 
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Thanks haha :D 
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Absolutely gorgeous!!! All the details...that BACKGROUND!! O.O you use a pc mouse to draw!!!!! That's epic!!!
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