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Merope Gaunt

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"Harry realised that there was somebody else in the room, a girl whose ragged grey dress was the exact colour of the dirty stone wall behind her... Her hair was lank and dull and she had a plain, pale, rather heavy face. Her eyes, like her brother's, stared in opposite directions. She looked a little cleaner than the two men, but Harry thought he had never seen a more defeated-looking person." -Chapter 10, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

I've always wanted to illustrate my vision of Merope Gaunt, since she never was in the movie. Merope was part of the House of Gaunt, a pure-blood family descended from Salazar Slytherin. They had a tendency of marrying their cousins to keep their blood pure and to retain the traits of their ancestor.

Generations of inbreeding left the Gaunts violent, mentally unstable, and poverty-stricken. Merope exhibited little magical talent in her early years, and as a result was mentally and physically abused by her father (Marvolo), who called her a "disgusting little Squib", among other things, and her brother (Morfin).

Merope secretly fell in love with Tom Riddle, an exceptionally handsome and wealthy Muggle. When her father and brother were put in Azkaban for almost killing her after finding out, she gave Tom Riddle a love potion. They got married and she got pregnant. She stopped giving Tom Riddle love potion, believing that she had given him enough to be truly in love with her. When the effects wore off, he abandoned Merope and his child. After her husband's sudden abandonment, Merope soon fell into a deep depression (which sapped away her powers) and lived as a pauper in London, selling her valuables to survive. Specifically, she sold her golden locket, a really valuable family heirloom which belonged to Salazar Slytherin himself.

Merope entered labour. She stumbled into an orphanage, and gave birth to a son. She told Mrs. Cole, a woman who worked in the orphanage, to name him Tom for his father, Marvolo for her father, and Riddle to be his surname. She died within the hour. She lived a very miserable life.

Her son Tom Marvolo Riddle later became Lord Voldemort.

The information was a mix from and my knowledge from reading the books :)
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Wow, she looks miserable. ^^ I really like the glowing medallion.