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Evolution of the Quidditch Quaffle

The three Chasers carry and pass the Quaffle to their opponent's goal hoops, where they try to score points by throwing it through one of the three rings. Each time it passes through the hoops, the scoring team gains ten points. Originally, the ball was not enchanted, and made of patched leather with a strap attached to it, or finger holes, to allow players to throw and catch it one handed.

In 1711, the Quaffle was 
changed to its current scarlet colour, after a match played in heavy rain made it indistinguishable from the muddy ground. Shortly after, the witch Daisy Pennifold came up with the idea of enchanting the Quaffle so that it dropped to the ground slower than normal. In 1875, Gripping Charms were discovered, allowing the players to hold onto the Quaffle without using a strap or finger holes.

The Modern Quaffle is approximately 12 inches in diameter, and made of seamless red leather.

Painted on Adobe Photoshop.
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That's pretty cool. I always thought I would be balls at Chasing for not being able to hold and throw that ball without magic.
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Thank you :D I plan on doing Bludgers next.