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September 16, 2008
OminOS Final by ~emmanemma Something smooth, crisp and elegant to sex up anybody's XP system.
Featured by mrrste
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OminOS Final

Lots of changes, download and use it to see!

Thanks to all the deviants before with their critiques, all of you helped make this a better release. All infos in the preview.

p.s thanks ~teheimar and ~reactART
© 2008 - 2022 emmanemma
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Under what folder names I can apply a shellstyle? NormalColor, or my fav BlueLite seems not work... :/
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Nice, thank you very much !
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is this xp only?
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I'm new with that ... Cam you help me ... i don't know how to install it :(
And it seem to be really nice ! Thanks for your answers :D
And sorry i'm a french guy ...soooo ... I'm just a poor writter in english ....
poka-rock's avatar
This is nice!! =D
I downloaded it ;)!
Thanks very much!
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wow emma! this is really one of the best themes ever. this is so awesome really. you rock! i am expecting more great work from you soon soon soon!
so solid and fine:)
Thx sharing
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port to Vista, please
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Hi, thanks for this beautiful theme. :)

I just wanted to let you know that like some of the other users, I'm having that "text getting cut off at the end" problem. I've tried to decrease the font size or change it entirely to a smaller-spaced font under the "Advanced" setting of "Appearances," but that doesn't look like it has an effect. This is still a very lovely theme and I enjoy using it, but I wasn't sure how to go about fixing the issue other than what I've tried.

Thanks again!
I think I found a solution to this:

Credit "gigapixels" at

ok i have great news! i was over at aquaxp and i found this fix to the font cut-off bug with themes like KoL's SmoothStripes and others... you have to edit the registry. in this example i'm going to be using the font Lucida Grande as an example. just replace that with whichever font you want as the main font of the GUI...

1. open regedit
2. navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\FontSubstitutes
3. change the values in "MS Shell Dlg" and "MS Shell Dlg 2" to Lucida Grande
4. restart

you're finished! now everything will fit and will NOT be cut off! it's wonderful!!!"

I hope this helps in making this beautiful theme provide full appearance on text.

Link here: hxxp://
Forgot to add; when changing the system fonts:

"Go to Start -> Run, then type regedit to open the registry editor. Now navigate to:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\FontSubstitutes

Now double click on "MS Shell Dlg" and put in the font style you want as the value.
Then double click on "MS Shell Dlg 2" and again put in the font style you want as the value.

After you are finished, restart your pc. Just a note, make sure you enter a font that is installed on your computer, to see a list of available fonts, go to C:\WINDOWS\Fonts ." Credit icyj at

Link: hxxp://

He also discusses font sizes in that thread.

Very nice but I noticed that it is cutting off the ends of some of the lines. This is even after installing the fonts included with the theme.
Ooh! very especial and delicious visual theme for XP SP3.
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Can you PLEASE add some different font choices? IF you did then it would be perfect.
yummypixza's avatar
I haven't seen another nice theme for a long time.
Nice Work! Downloading it.
wow! nice very nice. Excellent artistic job.
Zsantz's avatar
Any plans for some more colors?
Perhaps lighter ones or other shades say in red, orange or violet? (Not pink or magenta, btw)

This is a really good visual style and it is well thought out.
emmanemma's avatar
thanks! maybe soon, I'm working on another VS thats almost done.
Zsantz's avatar
You're welcome.
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I've discovered a little glitch! Some buttons and menu items have their final letter (or in some extreme cases, the entire last word) missing!

For instance, when i set it, and go to effects under appearance, the last letter of most of those descriptions are half gone. I checked that it wasn't my drivers or a problem with my pc by changing to another VS... It's not a humungous problem, but I think it is still something that needs addressing.

Thanks for the VS, your work is awesome. I will be keeping an eye out for anything more that you do!
emmanemma's avatar
depends on the font youre using I think. Windows by default uses tahoma, and sets the width of that particular part based on how much space tahoma font would need. Calibri shows fine for me, but a larger spaced font like trebuchet gets cut off. I'm not sure I wanna change it back to tahoma but I might not have a choice huh? :) thanks for letting me know about this little problem, youve got an eye for the little details, and if youre interested in beta testing my next vs, please, let me know via note where to send it. Its ready for testing now in fact.
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