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Who Am I

I am Emma Lysyk, and I own and operate Em2a Studios – a Phoenix, Arizona-based Graphic Arts & Creation Studio and home of EmaCartoon.com: A Webcomic of Art & Life. Specializing in laser engraving and vinyl decals, I make a variety of miscellaneous geekery items and are available for commission and prototyping. I travel to comic conventions to sell my wares, promote the webcomic, and to share information about what I do and how to do it.

With over twelve years of solid experience in illustration, layout, design, web design, and new media, I am well versed in HTML, CSS, Adobe Suites, Macromedia Suites, CorelDraw, and both the Windows and Mac platforms. Flash and I know each other intimately, though I have less time to work in Flash than I’d like. I have also worked in online and offline marketing, which opened up the world of social media to me as well as the processes of branding, trending, lead generation, viral marketing, and SEO. My last corporate job was for a health & wellness nutritional supplement/weight loss company in the Marketing department doing the FDA regulated part of labels (Nutrition facts panels [food and dietary supplements], font sizes, layout, document control, etc. – the part that the rest of Marketing doesn’t want to deal with). I am also trained in common General Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and 21 CFR 110 & 111.


My interests are broad and encompass most of the majors available to a media arts student. Due to my never-ending desire to learn something new, I have not obtained a degree and the classes I take allow me to be well-versed in many of the available programs. My hobbies can be simplified to most subjects pertaining to the arts, computers, gardening, pets, nature, and coffee (particularly chai).


The webcomic: www.emacartoon.com

The Studio: www.em2astudios.com

The Etsy page: ChaiMonsterLabs.com





Favourite Visual Artist
Johnathon Bowser
Favourite Movies
The Chronicles of Riddick and Princess Bride
Favourite TV Shows
Doctor Who
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Dredg, 32 Leaves
Favourite Books
Kim Harrison's Rachel Morgan series, Patricia Brigg's Mercy series
Favourite Writers
Tamora Pierce, Richard Bach, and James Redfield
Favourite Games
Favourite Gaming Platform
original NES & Sega Genesis
Tools of the Trade
pencil, paper, tabletPC, pens (I'm especially fond of Micron #2s), camera
Other Interests
art, literature, music, coffee, and tea
So, I've become a huge fan of WordPress.  I know, I know, a blog server-side software?  It actually is quite useful as a CMS (content management system), and the blog page doesn't even have to exist. So, I've launched Em2aStudios.com http://www.em2astudios.com and I've re-designed EmaCartoon.com http://www.emacartoon.com I've got all the capabilities that I want: commenting, easy web-based uploading (I have 2 computers, this is handy), php, a forward and back button, and shit, you could create a user profile if you really wanted to.  ComicPress is a theme for WordPress that allows for REALLY easy navigation and comic management (RSS feed c
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10 Years

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For 10 years, I have been in graphics. For 10 years, I have used programs to create the images of my dreams, to produce things for web, print, and display. In all those 10 years, I had never even heard of Photoshop World. And that's where I'm spending the end of this week.  Photoshop World Convention.  Never felt so much at home in a single place.
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July 3rd, 2001 - I join. October 10, 2003 - I got my first 13 page views after posting my first works. August 15, 2006 - 6,375  Pageviews. I must be doing something right? Happy belated 5th anniversary for me!  Thank you to all who watch me or just randomly stop by and see what I'm doing.  Thanks to ~TuefelHundenIV (https://www.deviantart.com/tuefelhundeniv) for introducing me to dA in '01, and then forgetting about its existence himself, haha. So, who likes the new dA ver. 5.0? Oh, and it took me 4 years and 2 copies of the book, but I finished Orson Scott Card's Speaker for the Dead.
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I, too, am a lover of chai. c:
:relapsefive:  All hail the spice!
I pushed 'Random Deviant' and landed on your page!

I hope you have a wonderful day :D ~<3!