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Woodland Unicorn

By emmalazauski

Emma Lazauski - Woodland Unicorn print available

6x9 inches, Watercolor

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© 2018 - 2021 emmalazauski
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So engaging. The texture and personality; beautiful creature design. 
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So beautiful. Nice work!!
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That is one furry unicorn :)
The blue-greens of the background let the unicorn stand out nicely.
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exquisite work 
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Awww, I absolutely adore those dark greens!!! It's one of the many things I admire about your work, your handling of the color green. And those soft shades on the unicorn's fur! I'm curious though, since the description says 'watercolor', are you using Chinese/zinc white or gouache in the hair? The effect is beautiful and lends a wonderful volume to the piece!
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Thank you! :) And yes, I do mix Chinese White (PW5) and Permanent White (PW6) when I need a strong kick. I'm... an untraditional watercolorist because of it, I suppose, but I just do whatever works, as long as it doesn't negatively impact the quality of the piece. I felt like, with this painting I needed that extra kick of bright white. Also, when I leave bright areas of unpainted paper they tend to blow out (get way too bright) when scanned. And since ultimately most of my work is presented digitally or meant for reproduction that's a big concern to me. In my experience the subtle near-white color shifts would not survive scanning nearly so well if they were just transparent washes. :D
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I love when people "buck tradition" with watercolors, especially when it yields such striking results! I'd like to get more bold with my usage of gouaches and white watercolors sometime in the future, this was quite inspiring! :D
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Thank you so much! 

I think I might write an article of sorts on how I personally use gouache and opaque pigments, might be fun to put that mental process under a microscope. :)
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That would definitely be worth it, should you find the time to do so!
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This reminds me of something I'd see in my childhood storybooks. ^^ Its so beautiful and peaceful. 
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I love this unicorn's messy frizzy fur! Such character :D 
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Thank you! I wanted to give him a shaggy coat to look a bit more feral than the average unicorn I see. :) 
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