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Sanrio Collection V2.0

Four hundred and fifty nine mostly Sanrio brushes. Some odd ones in there that came form the packs this mega pack is compiled from. Have fun and please favorite if you download!

-Created in CS4
-459 Brushes
-Credits: [link]
-25 Brush Packs rolled into one!

It's easier to stick credits in a Collection folder than it is to list them all one by one. Less space wasted. :)
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Great!! I love it

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can u use this to make food art?
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Good Job! Thanks alot.. now I can delete those other related brushes and keep files neat. :D
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Anytime I get more than 3 brushes of the style/category they all get bundled into one brush pack. I don't have time to play search and find with brushes. Lol
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can i use it on adobe photoshop cs6?
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Yes. CS4 and above can use this brush pack. :D
Wow ! This is alot , i love it but sadly it takes to long to download ]: Im using a macbook air nd the download stats so far is about 15 days >_<
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It's not the MacBook, it's your internet connection. I use a Virgin Mobile MiFi 3G device. My 2006 MacBook Pro downloads everything just fine. I download big files for the college classes i'm taking. 10MB isn't very big. That's a 2-3 song.
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It won't let me download u//n//u
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Use Firefox. If you already are, restart Firefox. It's usually a browser error.
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urwelcome, it was wonderful
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I don't understand what "brushes" means hm...I know I'm not very smart about stuff like this
EmmaL27's avatar
It's an .ABR file that has images in it for use with the brush tool in photoshop. You use the brush tool to put the image on the screen.
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can i use it on paint tool sai? or only for photoshop? i dont get it
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Photoshop CS4 and newer only.
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I found out they do work on Elements!!!!!!!! Yay!!! Umm is this RBG mode? ^^
EmmaL27's avatar
Neither. Brushes don't determine that.
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Oh i see...gosh it must work then!!! :D
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can i use elements 8?
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Probably won't work. Made for Adobe Photoshop CS5.
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Hmmm I'll see if i could use Elemnts 8 which will be around late june cuz im getting a tablet for my bday and it cums with elemnts 8...if it doesn't work i have to settle for going one by one D:
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