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Tall Tales: Crushing Comparison

By EmmaGear
whoa ho whoa there hello everyone I'm glad to finally make this available! It's the first installment of what should be a long ongoing collaboration between myself and Ai This is the first episode of the series and it's available for purchase HERE at e-junkie!

The basic premise of this and the following episodes is simple! Two giantesses, one named Emma and the other named Ai. You may be noticing a pattern here. Anyway, these two are having a walk through a city and holding a conversation to pass the time. The subject of the conversation quickly transitions into which of the two is better at being a giantess, and then they begin to tell stories of their past giant-sized adventures!

In the first episode it's about something I think we can all appreciate. A comparison in how they've smashed little people! Emma tells the story of a rooftop party she once attended that just so happened to be at roughly the same height as her (well-endowed) chest! While Ai tells the story of a time she went to pick up a snack. Only the snack wasn't ready yet. So she has to find a new, creative way to enjoy the ingredients, without the finished product available to her.</b>

And there's an extra finale scene at the end where both giantesses have to deal with the celebrity that being so big naturally gives them. And the downsides to that same celebrity.

Some real quick features~

-50 High Resolution images rendered by one :iconai-tanaka:
-Each image rendered at 2560x1440! The cover preview is a much smaller 1280x720 so the real deal is SIGNIFICANTLY bigger.
-A story written by me! Text on every page, naturally.
-Action! No time wasted on origin stories!
-Support small creators! This was done 100% by myself and Ai. The stories were selected from ideas fans came up with, and we'd like to do more so let us know how you like this first installment!

And that's it! This same summary is on the store page! If you enjoy the story it would be immensely helpful if you could spread the word or leave a comment here letting people know you liked it!

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haruau's avatar
Sounds like a fun story to read! ;)
EmmaGear's avatar
The comments I've gotten back so far are all very positive!
jaygeegtsartz's avatar
Great work you two!
EmmaGear's avatar
Glad you enjoyed it!