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Shrinking Department is NOW AVAILABLE!

By EmmaGear

I just opened a new E-Junkie store, and Shrinking Department is now available here as well. As of this writing it's the only product there, but I'm hoping to release more over time!


Finally, the project that began 7 months ago (though 90% of the work was done in the last month) is complete and ready to be shared! It's called Shrinking Department, and it's available HERE…

All of the renders were done by the lovely :iconjamesmason0: and I wrote all the story. I really really like this story too, so I'd love to hear what you thought about it either here or in the reviews section of the store. The page I linked to is a nice summary of the plot and all, but in case you'd like to read about it here then the story is basically kind of casual and slice-of-lifey and really fun. It's mostly about a girl who comes into work one day and finds out that she's in danger of being downsized and losing her job. Of course it takes place in a world full of tiny people as well, so there's a whole hell of a lot of tinies being stepped on and eaten for fun.

And I suppose that's everything. I am very excited to finally have it finished and out there and I hope you all enjoy it too. And maybe drop by :iconjamesmason0:'s DA to let him know you like the work he did on it as well.
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real exciting story.
Especially the scene's with the boss, those we're hot as hell.
Elgar705's avatar
Hmm does it have any little guys getting trapped in shoes?
EmmaGear's avatar
It does not. There is a good deal of foot scenes though!
this was worth every penny, i shared thoughts with jm0 hopefully he shared with you.
LittleSpike23's avatar
It was worth the hype! =D
Awesome story and great job by :iconjamesmason0: on the renders. :clap:
EmmaGear's avatar
thanks! Glad you enjoyed!
shrunkenone's avatar
I'll have to check this out ASAP.
EmmaGear's avatar
Please do so. Would love to know what everyone thinks!
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