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Party Crusher is -NOW AVAILABLE!- (Update!)




So I've heard from three people so far that apparently there's some issues trying to open the file. I'm waiting to hear back from the third person but in both of the first two the culprit was the MOBILE version of ADOBE ACROBAT READER. If you encounter problems opening it and you're using that then I'd suggest trying a different program. One thing I've heard from the first 2 people as well that worked is uploading the PDF to google drive and just viewing it that way. I have less than zero idea what could be causing this problem.

So if you encounter this problem, please try to open it in a different PDF reader. Or on a desktop. Or upload to a service like Google Drive and view it there. If there are still any issues then just let me know!



Party Crusher is NOW AVAILABLE!

You can get it HERE for E-Junkie.

Or if you'd prefer, you can get it HERE for :icongiantesskatelyn:'s store!

If you like it, please let me know as this was a long project in the making and I'm very much hoping you guys like it. Thanks a ton!


Happy to announce a new PAID story I'll be releasing VERY soon. It's a collaboration with MisterDoD or you may know him by a name he used to go by, dietyofdooky. It's about a certain very big girl going to a party she wasn't invited to. Everybody shrinks, there's foot stuff and some nudity and yeah! I love it and I hope you all love it too and here's the OFFICIAL PRE-RELEASE PROMOTIONAL IMAGE! We're hoping to have it out in less than 2 weeks.

We've been workin on this for a pretty long while. Work started shortly after Halloween last year so it's been about 7 months. DoD has been very good at staying on track and I've been doing a whole lot on my end to make sure this story SHINES as best I can. If you like mini gts, shrinking, micro, foot stuff, and a very big girl who loves to bully nerds that like anime then you'll probably love it! And like the ad says when it releases it will be $8. For that you'll get 45 pages of story, 6 full color illustrations, and a bunch of extra in-development stuff we had lying around just to beef up the package a bit. And even better, a story I did somewhat recently will serve as a non-required prequel! Check out Emma Episodes: Okay. But You're Buying.Classes had just ended for the day! Nikki was so excited she could barely contain herself. It was the last day of class before Spring Break! A Friday afternoon that lead into a whole extra week off! Honestly, what could be better than that?
Plenty, as it turns out! She was going to a small party with some friends tomorrow to watch the premiere a new series. And not five minutes ago her girlfriend, Jessica, sent her a message telling her to meet up at their favorite coffee place nearby. Afterward they were sure to spend a long, warm night together talking, watching movies, cuddling, and…
Nikki blushed bright red at her own thoughts and shook her head, hoping nobody noticed her sudden reaction. And she’d convinced Jessica to come with her to the party tomorrow! The “Appreciation of Japanese Animation” club she was part of planned to meet at a member’s place the next day to watch the premiere of a series she’d been excited about for months!
for a small taste of the character and Nikki will also appear in the actual story!

I think that's everything! I hope everybody loves it and when it's done I'll reupload over this page with an updated promotional image. It will be available both at my e-junkie store here or GiantessKatelyn's store. If you've got any comments or questions then feel free to ask!
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I'm curious if there's some decent Breast related content in the story. Thinking of purchasing.