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Pink Car

Another Graphic Symbolism project, to turn a photo of a pink car into a stylized vector piece. I'm quite happy with how mine turned out. I don't know how stylized the car itself is, but the background turned out quite nice. The idea for the car was to make all the metal areas look realistic, and the body look fake. Though, as far as 'fake' goes, I'm not sure what style is portrayed. Maybe a painting-like style? *shrug*

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100% Adobe Illustrator
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woo beautiful work:)
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'69 Fiat 500L. the ultimate commuter car. Brilliant work!
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This picture made me melt. :)
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huaaaw.. that's a beautiful artworks...
nice.... may i know what media/s that u used 4 ? thank u :)
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Its all Adobe Illustrator. Thanks. ^^
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That's cute... i like the pinkness... =) the car looks pretty realistic... great job... =)
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Thank ya! ^__^
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you're very welcome... =)
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wau ! very nice work a Fiat 500 ( i like how it sounds in french XD ) :sun: :orange: :star: :lemon:
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Thanks! I had no clue what kind of car it is. ^__^;;
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it looks lovely
great job ;)
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That's not too bad actually, the pastel colors and fade-to-white give off a really soft feel to it. My only suggestion is perhaps make the circle of color at the top right extend a wee bit further since it is little too light (it makes the color on the botom left become dominant.)

Nice job, keep up the good work!
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Thanks forht e constructive comment! I know why it's like that, I lightned it so I wouldn't have to color the seperate things on the wall, but its okay to me, I don't want the viewer to really look up there too much. Theres enough busi-ness with the bikes. Thanks though, I'll maybe do it when I got to change something else.
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cool :D
I love the car :nod:
and you made a great job with the background too :+fav:
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Thanks, glad you like. You forgot to fav it though if you intended to. I have't been getting them in my messages, so I checked to see if that was it, but it wasn't this time. ^__^;;
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weird.. but thanks for telling.. I'll add it again :|
maybe I faved it before one of the "read only mode" periods of yesterday :(
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i thinky ou did an awsome job :D :D hope tehy like it
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Thanks! Class is on Wednesday, but I emailed it to the teacher and he does like it. ^__^ He suggested a few things about hte black and white gradient on the wall though. ^__^;;;
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Ooo..nice! love the style! ^^
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You're welcome :hug: *gives you a cookie*
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wow!! that's cutesy!
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