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Upload/Adobe Ref (old)


new ref:  Upload/Adobe Ref by Emmabebe

edit (2/23/19): I finally fixed the backstory up like how I wrote it in Slyth's ref. It no longer doesn't make sense with the brain nonsense, haha! Enjoy reading! I'm going to be making these boys a new reference soon :3

Stuff to know about both of them:

- Adobe is an angry vengeful murder man while Upload is a small innocent being

- When Upload is in control, the blue faces are shown, but while Adobe is in control, that one single pink face is displayed. (I'm OK with ppl taking artistic liberties and drawing scary faces for him though! :3)

- The pink face was a placeholder screen during Upload's creation process, but the placeholder was never taken out of the files. The pink face image is the first one in the "faces" folder, so when Adobe takes control, the screen glitches and defaults back to the first picture in the folder. Thus, it's stuck on the pink face.

- During the time when they had a screen face, they didn't have vocal chords/a voice synthesizer, so they couldn't speak.

- Adobe's friend/second in command - Cherry Ref

- Upload's best friend - Dei

These characters exist in the OC World universe, to understand their story it's recommended that you check out this universe summary first before reading about them!

OC WORLDThe OC (Original Character) world is a universe where OCs that aren't living in any specific universe that their creator made, exist.
They appear in the OC world when the person who created them (in our world) first imagines their existence/design/personality. Where they appear depends on where the owner thinks their OC would live, be it a city or a forest, they appear in the most similar concept to the owners original vision.
The world is full of all different types of OCs (animals, monsters, humans, scribbles, literally anything that could be considered a character) from all over the real world and they're made by many different kinds of people, ranging from toddlers to professional artists. The stronger the connection between an OC and its owner, the more the OC vaguely knows about them and the truth behind their own existence.
When an OC is forgotten about in the real world, their colors fade and they essentially die in the OC world. And when an OC is killed in the OC world, their

Adobe lived in a cycle of poverty with his adoptive mother figure in the degrading part of the city area that houses the plain OCs. One day his mother gets terribly food-poisoned, and the pharmacist that sells medicine is in the upper-class part of the city, so he has to go there to buy the medicine with the little amount of money that they own. 

The pharmacist refuses to sell him the medicine, and tells Adobe that she will probably fade soon anyways, so they don't want to waste their medicine on her.

Adobe, incredibly disheartened, begins to head back, but gets jumped by a pair of upper-class OCs who take his money and scare him off.
He eventually gets home, and has to watch his mother slowly die due to her sickness going untreated.

Some time passes, and after a month or two of having to fend for himself, his resentment for the upper class grows drastically. Without his mother's advising, he decides to do something extravagant, and goes around asking other badly drawn OCs in the area to join him in an uprising. Most OCs go along with him, because there is not much else to do in their bad living situation. He promised sanctuary and safety in a group, so his uprising looked incredibly promising.

Blinded by grief and revenge, his thought process was that if the "better looking OCs" were eliminated, the only thing that would be left is them, so they wouldn't be forgotten/killed as often. His plan was to gather up as many plain OCs as he could to kill off as many "good" OCs as possible. And that he did.

The group became like a clan of sorts, living in a large underground cave, going out for food and water, gathering up more and more recruits, all looking after each other. Not all of the OCs in the clan took part in the genocide, some just stayed for sanctuary, but they each had their part in the grand scheme.

Everything was going well for them until one fateful day, when Adobe went out for some fresh air in the forest, he was killed by Xcat. (XCAT REF)

( for a complete explanation as to why this happened,  read here - Slyth Reference. For the short version, keep reading. )

Xcat, who works for Slyth, brought Adobe back to him so that he could experiment on him. Slyth then goes on to replace Adobe's skeleton with robot parts and his face with a black screen. At first, Slyth tried to upload the dead body's brain into the robot so he wouldn't have to program an entire Artificial Intelligence (AI) by himself, but it didn't work, and he ended up having to do just that. Slyth named this AI "Upload".

In one of the first test runs, Adobe's personality and the new AI conflicted because Slyth never removed his first AI attempt. Upload was in control for a second, but when Adobe came to, he took over and ran away in fear.

Upload, not knowing what to do, let Adobe take control. After wandering around aimlessly and confused for a bit, Adobe spotted an OC in the middle of the forest (Dizzy Ref ) and tested out his newfound robotic strength on them. This killed the OC and effectively traumatized Upload, causing him to immediately take back control and run away to go wash the blood off, vowing to never let Adobe take over again. Near the lake he washed off at, he met Dei and Autumn at their camp. ( Dei RefAutumn Ref )

Upload tags along with them and over time becomes friends with Dei, while Autumn, being a little suspicious of him, also begrudgingly accepts him as a friend.

After a while, Upload is able to tell when Adobe is trying to take control, and he restarts his system before it can happen. He blamed the restarts on glitches/crashes so Adobe never saw the light of day, and Upload never had to explain the phenomenon to Dei (he was afraid it would scare her). 

The three go on many adventures and explore together for a while (Dei & Autumn are adventurers), until one fateful day at the camp when Upload wasn't able to restart in time. Adobe used all of his strength to stay in control and attack Dei when he thought Autumn wasn't around. He managed to scratch her face up a bit before Autumn came back and protected Dei, forcing Adobe to flee.

Adobe ran away and tried to follow the path he could remember from the lake back to where Slyth lives, and he found the hill he was killed on. He idled there for a bit, trying to remember how he got there from the cave his clan lived in, but- that hill being very close to where Slyth lives, Xcat spotted him, and tried to capture him. This time though, Adobe reacted in time and murdered Xcat right then and there. Slyth, hearing his friend crying for help, ran out to see the commotion, only to find Xcat dead and Adobe staring at him with a vengeance. To repay him for ruining his life, Adobe chased after Slyth, planning on mutilating his face like Slyth did to him (pretty much killing him). Adobe caught up to Slyth, pinned him down, ripped his mask off, and just before he was able to hurt him- Xcat's friend Beast (BEAST) came out of the forest in a rampage, scooped up Adobe, and almost ate him entirely. Beast then spat him out, ripping off his front left leg and screen face, and breaking the metal skeleton in the process.

After a while of grieving, Slyth decided to keep experimenting on him. He improved his metal skeleton, gave him an actual face & a voice, and gave him Xcat's left arm to replace his. He made sure to take out the Adobe's personality this time, marking the end of Adobe's existence.

After Upload's revival he left Slyth to go look for Dei & Autumn, following the trail he remembered, and found them easily. After waiting there for a while for Upload to come back, they reunited and Upload was able to explain everything. They at least have a happy ending, exploring together once again !

Upload comes back to visit Slyth every once in a while, feeling bad for him.

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my boy gettin a new ref owo
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soon............ OwO
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(I didn't read all the lore because I'm lazy, but I will finish it later)
I absolutely love this character <3 Although the "screen-face" trope is fairly common among characters, the lore and overall design for this one is unique and beautiful. Keep doing what you're doing, because it's great!
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aAA thank u a lot !! and omh thats funny
when i made upload in like 2015 i hadn't seen a single screen face character anywhere,, only like,, TV heads and stuff
funny that a whole bunch of them started popping up recently pFF
but wrow tysm!! it means a lot!
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I feel bad for Adobe
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adobe got vored
upload is a special boy i love him 
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th ank u i love him too
special boy
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assdasddasd :3
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I want to protect Upload with every part of my being
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Such a creative world and character designs! 
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This guy is so unique and interesting I lOVE IT??!
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the small chILD <333
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whoa thats a long description right there
I love this character btw
I first saw your art on a MAP nad this guy was there, I love his desing ever since
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aah thank u sm! it took me quite a while to write <:'3c
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