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I don't really post on image boards but browsing tumblr I stumbled over the template with these three characters on it and I just couldn't stop thinking about how I'd mash them up myself, so here we go! Super fun design challenge!

Obvs I didn't bother with canon artstyles but all I wanted to draw was the clothes anyway (not pictured: a tiny lil' ponytail for middlegal)

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Aw sweet we share Waifus
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Can you paint Kill La Kill dogs?
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Its on my list of things I want to do, but that list is long so the chance I'll get around doing it is slim.
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Do more but with the skullgirls
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pues mis favoritas:

koko y ryukomi

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Well now. my 3 favorite heroines in one place!
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The ultimate waifu
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So I recognize the girl from Attack on Titan and everyone knows Korra. Who's the last one?
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Ryuko Matoi from Kill La Kill
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Ah. Show doesn't look that interesting.
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High School Girls in a very improbable situation, one rises above the others, combat, etc. How is that any different than most any other anime? Don't get me wrong: I love anime. It's just that it always seems to focus on high school girls. It's getting boring.
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The "high school" setting is nothing like the usual genre, in fact I can't even think of it as such at all...very refreshing!
There's also actual fast paced action and fun character/armor designs...But it's not like I care if you don't bother to check it out, you are the one missing out and not me lol
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High school setting not the usual? what anime have you been watching?
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I was talking about Kill La Kill and not anime overall, KLK is so different from the genre that it's a series I would recommend to someone who specifically told me they wanted something that's not a high school girls anime.
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No more DBZ for you
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where did you find the template?
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psure i lifted it from (nws)
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It doesn't really need much of a template. It's just a bunch of arrows.
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These concepts are pretty bitchin'
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this is the greatest thing i've ever seen
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I like this one more than Bellend's. His was great, but had a bit too much emphasis on Korra, and not enough on Mikasa, in my opinion.
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*violently approves*
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